All Aboard! Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta Introduces the First Series of “Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago,” an Exciting New Series of Culinary Events

Discover the coastal flavours of Maluku with the series debut menu, crafted in collaboration with celebrity Chef Bara and Javara Indonesia
November 13, 2023,
Jakarta, Indonesia

Set sail to the Maluku islands with the launch of Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago, an exciting new series of culinary events by Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Starting November 15, 2023, the series will unfold the diverse and captivating flavours of Indonesia over the next 12 months, with each epicurean event focusing on five different ecosystems from coastal and marine to forest, wetland, arid land, and highland.

First Stop: The Maluku Islands

The series kicks off with a coastal, marine and small islands landscape ecosystem, highlighting a Maluku-inspired menu, crafted collaboratively by celebrity Chef Bara Pattiradjawane and Chef Asep Hamdani of Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Artisanal, sustainably sourced ingredients are provided by Javara Indonesia.

From November 15 to December 30, 2023, guests are invited to sample the distinctive coastal and marine flavours of the Maluku province, home to more than a thousand islands. The province is famed for spices such as nutmeg and clove as well as starchy staples such as sago and cassava. Surrounded by deep waters teeming with marine life, the islands boast a long history of expertly cooking fresh catch. Malukan cuisine undoubtedly has some of the most delectable seafood dishes in Indonesia.

The unique ecosystem of Indonesia’s coastal, marine and small islands landscape is brought to life through Maluku’s culinary traditions with a selection of meticulously designed dishes.

The Malukan-style Kohu Kohu incorporates shredded asar (swordfish) smoked with coconut fibres, served with kasbi (boiled cassava), and Javara Smoked Salt from North Bali, an award-wining ingredient by UK Great Taste Awards 2022.

For the main course, savour Seafood Masak Paleo. The dish features kenari nut, complemented by the plant-based goodness of Javara Nipah Salt, directly sourced from artisans of Suku Moi Papua, signified by its unique salty umami flavour and low sodium content. This mesmerizing medley of ocean flavours is created by “paleo ripening,” meaning “long process” — a multi-step cooking technique favoured in Ambon, the capital of Maluku.

Offering the perfect sweet finish is the Kenari Nut Banana Sago Pudding, a cherished Moluccan speciality. This delightful dessert contains Javara Papua Sago Starch, a sustainable source of carbohydrates and Javara Coconut Sugar, an award-winning ingredient by UK Great Taste Awards 2022.

Guests can enjoy this regionally inspired feast in the relaxed luxury of Palm Court, the beautiful indoor-outdoor restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Filled with local talents, the culinary team is adept at elevating Indonesian specialities while still retaining their authentic flavours.

  • November 15 to December 30, 2023
  • Available daily at Palm Court for lunch and dinner service
  • IDR 680,000++ for set menu (three courses), available a la carte as well

For reservations, WhatsApp at +62877 0002 5888 or call +6221 2277 1888.

Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago

Drawing inspiration from the incredible food biodiversity of Indonesia, Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago presents an edible experience of the country’s living culinary heritage. Stretched across the equator line, the Indonesian archipelago is home to numerous distinct ecosystems, each with its own set of natural food resources.

The series celebrates the wondrous diversity of these habitats and ingredients — from roots to leaves, from sea to land, from Aceh to Papua.

“Our food cultures are built around the local wisdom and culinary traditions of more than 500 ethnic groups, spread across the archipelago. The result is a vibrant tapestry of food experiences, woven with secret stories and histories,” explains Chef Bara. “Through this new program, together with Chef Asep, we aim to showcase the culinary wealth of Indonesia. Guests will be able to sample typical regional dishes, made with rare ingredients, which are not normally found in restaurants.”

Over the course of the next year, guests can join epicurean events highlighting a variety of Indonesian landscapes, including forest, wetland, arid and highland.

Maluku Menu: Meet the Partners

Most food-loving Indonesians will already know Chef Bara Pattiradjawane, who had his own cooking show on television from 2005 to 2015. Born in Jakarta, Chef Bara spent most of his childhood in Europe, returning to Indonesia in 1995 to become a professional chef. Along with hosting his own TV shows, he was also a judge for MasterChef Junior Indonesia and has written several popular cookbooks, the latest one being Sambal Nation.

Javara Indonesia is on a mission to revive the country’s precious food biodiversity heritage by offering a selection of natural, organic and artisanal food products to the local and global market. The company works closely with farmers, foragers and food artisans across Indonesia, supporting natural cultivation techniques and sustainable consumption.