Next Stop: The Indonesian Highlands! Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta Introduces New Menu as Part of its Ongoing Culinary Series

Discover heritage flavours from the highlands with “Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago”.
May 28, 2024,
Jakarta, Indonesia

This summer, taste the abundance of the Indonesian highlands in the heart of Jakarta. Continuing with Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago, an exclusive series of culinary events, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta presents an exciting new menu filled with ingredients from highlands across the country.

Embark on a delectable adventure through these beautiful hilly regions, where lush landscapes have birthed distinctive flavours such as Parijatah black rice, Krayan mountain salt, Odeng bamboo forest honey and Meratus cinnamon. These ingredients have been meticulously crafted into a three-course feast by the collaborative genius of Guest Chef Bara Pattiradjawane and Executive Sous Chef Asep Hamdani.

By utilizing artisanal, sustainable ingredients from Javara Indonesia, the culinary series at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta not only showcases Indonesia’s rich food biodiversity but also supports the livelihoods of local farmers and food producers.

Abundance of the Highlands

From now until July 31, guests are invited to discover the intriguing flavours of the Indonesian highlands. Begin with hearty Kroket Kentang (potato croquettes), seasoned with Gotu Kola, an herb long favoured in traditional medicine systems, and Krayan mountain salt, produced by Dayak communities in the remote hinterlands of North Kalimantan.

The main course, Nasi Campur Tanah Tinggi (mixed rice with assorted sides and condiments), boasts the unique taste and texture of Parijatah black rice, also known as forbidden rice, which has a long history of cultivation in the Banyuwangi highlands of East Java. This intricate recipe also features bamboo forest honey, harvested by local beekeepers in West Java, and Andaliman pepper, the soul of Batak cuisine, renowned for its surprising citrus notes and mildly tongue-numbing effect.

Relish a sweet ending with the Tamarillo Sorbet, infused with the rich, bold flavour of cinnamon sourced from the Meratus Geopark region of South Kalimantan. The refreshing dessert is topped with crisp sesame brittle, made with sesame seeds from the Flores highlands.

The extraordinary meal is complemented curated beverages. Sip full-bodied West Java highlands black tea, sweetened with artisanal rock sugar and served with compliments. Guests can also enjoy traditional Indonesian drinks like Es Cincau and Bajigur (IDR 48,000++) or raise a glass with Rosita (IDR 150,000++), a crafted cocktail that pairs perfectly with the flavours of the highlands.

This inspiring feast is served in the welcoming warmth of Palm Court, the Hotel’s luxurious all-day restaurant with a choice of indoor and outdoor seating. Led by the expertise of Chef Asep, the culinary team presents an array of refined yet authentic Indonesian specialities.

  • Until July 31, 2024
  • Available daily at Palm Court for lunch and dinner
  • IDR 428,000++ for set menu (three courses)

For reservations, WhatsApp at +62877 0002 5888 or call +6221 2277 1888.

Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago

Drawing inspiration from the forgotten food biodiversity of Indonesia, Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago presents an edible experience of the country’s living culinary heritage. Stretched across the equator line, the Indonesian archipelago is home to numerous distinct ecosystems, each with its own set of natural food resources.

The series celebrates the wondrous diversity of these habitats and ingredients — from roots to leaves, from sea to land, from Aceh to Papua.

“Our food cultures are built around the local wisdom and culinary traditions of more than 500 ethnic groups, spread across the archipelago. The result is a vibrant tapestry of food experiences, woven with secret stories and histories,” explains Chef Bara. “Through this series, we aim to showcase the culinary wealth of Indonesia. Guests will be able to sample typical regional dishes, made with rare ingredients, which are not normally found in restaurants.”

Through 2024, guests at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta can join epicurean events highlighting a variety of Indonesian landscapes, including forest, wetland and highland.

Meet Chef Bara

Most food-loving Indonesians will already know Chef Bara Pattiradjawane, who had his own cooking show on television from 2005 to 2015. Born in Jakarta, Chef Bara spent most of his childhood in Europe, returning to Indonesia in 1995 to become a professional chef. Along with hosting his own TV shows, he was also a judge for MasterChef Junior Indonesia and has written several popular cookbooks, the latest one being ‘Sambal Nation’.

Chef Bara currently works as a Food & Flavour Developer Chef, dedicating his time and knowledge to assisting small and medium enterprises. He also serves as the spokesperson for Indonesia’s Geographical Indications (GI) products, working closely with GI farmers across the country. Follow @BaraSuperCook.

Javara Indonesia

On a mission to revive Indonesia’s precious food biodiversity heritage, Javara Indonesia bring an extensive range of natural, organic and artisanal food products to the local and global market. Operating in over 35 countries across five continents, the company works closely with farmers, foragers and food artisans throughout the Indonesian archipelago, supporting natural cultivation techniques and promoting healthy, sustainable consumption. Follow @JavaraIndonesia.

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Situated along one of the city’s central roads and being the closest luxury hotel with prominent access from the airport for private jets, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta is a stylish urban sanctuary, cherished by local residents and international travelers alike for its delectable dining, art-inspired interiors, and warm personalized service. The outdoor resort-style swimming pool offers a serene space to relax, rejuvenate, and splash the day away — all without leaving the heart of Indonesia’s dynamic capital.