Tuck into Pizza Mania at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait

Take a “magical mystery” pizza tour of Italy at Dai Forni this summer

July 13, 2023,
Kuwait City, Kuwait

This summer, Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya is offering guests the opportunity to discover Italy through one of the country’s most famed gastronomic exports: pizza. From July 15 until August 5, 2023, the Hotel’s contemporary Dai Forni restaurant is celebrating the storied Italian dish – with a history stretching back to 16th century Naples – via its “Pizza Mania” menu, with a thrilling culinary adventure available daily from 6:00 to 11:00 pm for KWD 20.

Italian chef straordinario Luigi Frassanito is excited to show diners his country by way of traditional pizzas made to sizzling, crispy perfection in Dai Forni’s iconic copper-sheathed ovens, authentically fired with aromatic wood. “Pizza has turned into a global gastronomic force for a very good reason - everybody loves it,” says Lecce-born Luigi. “By exploring many variations and adding a unique twist to each pizza, this all-you-can-eat feast is a chance to take guests on a magical mystery tour of my home country.”

Those participating in the special offer will be given a “Go/Stop” sign to place on their table. As long as the table sign is set to “Go,” Dai Forni’s servers will continue to present the best of Italy, serving up steaming round after round of crispy oven-baked perfection - a bottomless pizza concept known as giro (tour or spin) in Italy, where pizzas come to the table one after the other to be shared by all.

Get set for dazzling exploration of speciality flavours as guests at the Hotel’s indoor-outdoor Italian restaurant are invited to surrender to the element of surprise. Traditional ingredients from across Italy form the basis of every gourmet offering – but each pizza will be unique in size, style, presentation and preparation, giving pizza lovers a thrilling adventure for their tastebuds.

Given that the pizza ovens dominate the Sicilian-inspired interiors of Dai Forni, and lend the restaurant its name, pizza was a natural choice of dish to highlight for the summer, says new Italian Junior Sous Chef Enrico Zambi. “I’m really looking forward to showing diners just how amazing our pizza ovens are,” he says. “Their perfect temperatures and humidity get the texture of each pizza just right, while the burning wood imparts an inimitable smoky flavour to the dough.”

Adventurous Enrico has been honing his culinary skills for over two decades in fine dining establishments across the globe – including Italy, Canada, Australia and Qatar – and brings a passion for elevated, celebratory Italian cuisine to his new role at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait. From divinely al dente pasta to fragrantly fresh sauces, his talents are set to shine right across the restaurant’s famed à la carte menu.

Dai Forni - with its 12-metre-high (40 foot) ceilings and soaring wall of windows on the 21st floor of the Hotel - is one of the best places in Kuwait to savour the remarkable cityscape alongside classic Italian fare.  “We’re all about the elevation of Italian cuisine at Dai Forni,” concludes Chef Luigi. “Pizza Mania is a great opportunity for us to showcase a different side of Italy than guests might expect—and our amazing city views are the perfect final topping.”

To book a table at Dai Forni’s Pizza Mania’s limited season, contact 2200 6000.