Explore the Delights of Truffles at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya

November 6, 2023,
Kuwait City, Kuwait

This autumn and winter, Chef Luigi Frassanito and his team of culinary maestros at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya are taking la golosita del tartufo – the delights of truffles – to new heights with a special menu dedicated to one of the world’s most coveted ingredients at 21st floor Italian restaurant Dai Forni.

Between 6:00 and 11:00 pm from November 6 to December 30, 2023, guests will be transported to the heart of Italian gourmet cuisine via the magical allure and opulent flavours of natural gems from the incredible Alba white truffle – “the diamond of the kitchen”– to the rich black Perigord truffle. From Pollo Croccante to Insalata Tartufata, Chef Luigi Frassanito has drawn on his southern Italian roots to create a seasonal menu of truffle-inspired masterpieces.

“There’s no doubting the elegance and sophistication that truffles add to the culinary experience,” comments Chef Luigi, whose self-styled cucina libera (“free cuisine") is dedicated to conveying the authenticity of Italian cuisine. “Luxurious, exceptionally fragranced and with a distinctive complex flavour all of their own, truffles are, in my opinion, Italy’s greatest gift to global gastronomy and I am looking forward to sharing their wonders with the diners of Kuwait.”

The signature dishes on Dai Forni’s exclusive truffle menu include:

  • Tortino Tartufo (Truffle Torte) - This unusual creation is inspired by Chef Luigi’s lunches at a chalet while working in Piedmont - a region in Italy famous for truffle and polenta. While his favourite dish there was Polenta Concia, he always brought a piece of truffle along with him to “complete my plate.”
  • Il Tesoro Dei Burger (Treasure Burger) - Created with the intention to “deliver luxurious Italian taste in every bite,” this divinely flavourful burger comes in a home-made bun and features Alba black truffle, Piana del Sele rocket, stracciatella from Lecce, and portobello mushroom from Prealpi Bergamasche.

Thanks to excellent contacts in his homeland, Chef Luigi is able to source some of Italy’s finest truffles exclusively for Dai Forni guests. And his passion for each variety is contagious:  “The undisputed queen of the truffles is the white Alba truffle,” he enthuses. “It is one of the most expensive ingredients in modern cuisine on account of its brief seasonal appearance - October to December - only in the forests of Piedmont.”

Another star of the Dai Forni seasonal truffle menu is the highly prized black Perigord truffle. “It blooms for slightly longer than the Alba white truffle at the roots of oak, beech, birch and poplar trees,” explains Chef Luigi. “But is just as sought after by truffle hunters and chefs due to its earthy, almost nutty flavour.”

Divine Drink Pairings

Beautifully complementing each artisan mouthful, a truffle-inspired mocktail menu adds extra Italian flamboyance to the experience. Tortino Tartufo is paired with Truffle on the Rocks – a zingy combination of Lyre's Italian Spritz, grapefruit, apple and lime juice and basil syrup with a cheeky truffle twist, while the elegant Tartufo Giallo sets off Il Tesoro Dei Burger with smoky Lapsang, pineapple juice, homemade rosemary syrup, lemon juice and a spritz of truffle oil.

Every day from November 6 to December 30, 2023, Chef Luigi’s Dai truffle menu will complement the existing authentic Italian delights at Dai Forni – served in a bright and buzzy atmosphere centred around the huge copper-sheathed wood-burning ovens that give the restaurant its name. Guests can also take home some of the magic from Dai’s Forni’s Truffle Presentation in Al Banco (at the table) where items such as truffle salt, truffle oil, award-winning Mono-Cultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil, and pure truffles are available to purchase from a seasonal display area.  

Served with a side of expansive city views from the restaurant’s Mediterranean-style outdoor terrace, truffle season at Dai Forni offers a unique chance to experience one of nature’s most dazzling delicacies at the hands of one of the country’s most astounding Italian maestros.

To celebrate truffle season with Chef Luigi at Dai Forni at Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Bury Alshaya, contact 2200 6200.