Tales of Fire & Ice: Enjoy Vibrant Market Nights and Oh-So-Cool Cocktails at Ikan Ikan, Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

Gather with loved ones at the storied seaside restaurant for an unforgettable evening

Langkawi, Malaysia

Overlooking the spectacular sweep of the Andaman Sea, Ikan Ikan at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi invites travellers to celebrate the island spirit in style.

Situated on the site of an erstwhile fishing village, the storied venue serves authentic Malaysian cuisine crafted by Chef Hairullizan Mohdnoor and his talented team. With lively market-themed nights and a selection of creative cocktails on the menu, every meal at Ikan Ikan brims with delectable fun and local flair – ideal for couples, families and friends alike.

Island Inspirations

Offering a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, Ikan Ikan takes diners on an extraordinary journey. Begin with sunset drinks in one of the breezy beachfront cabanas, the perfect spot to raise a toast to jewel-toned skies before heading inside for dinner.

The main dining room evokes a traditional Malaysian house, built on raised platforms with open-air verandas. The interiors are woven with local design elements: notice the fish-scale motifs cascading across the roof and the tribal patterns that dot the ceiling.

Savour modern renditions of heirloom recipes from all 14 states of Malaysia, plated in delightfully fresh style. “Our younger team members bring in a millennial touch, making each plate Instagrammable,” says Chef Hairullizan with a smile.

Clay-Aged Cocktails

The superb food is complemented by innovative beverages, led by Restaurant Manager Nizam. Made with eco-spirits that have a low carbon footprint, the signature cocktails are infused with earthiness, minerality and smoothness – the result of being aged in clay pots for anywhere between 20 to 100 days.

Historically used to store water and preserve food, clay pots are now on the cutting edge of mixology. “Clay breathes faster than oak and increases the pH level in the drink, creating a unique ageing environment,” explains Nizam.

The "Bar on Wheels" pulls up right next to the dining table, so cocktails can be poured straight from the clay pot into your glass. Taste the aromatic notes of local ingredients, crafted with spirits that are first fat-washed with coconut virgin oil, then aged in clay.

A must-try is the Asam Pedas, a liquid version of the classic Malaysian dish, starring fat-washed gin as its key ingredient. Sip a flavourful burst of indigenous herbs and spices, including spicy green chilli, sharp galangal and sour tamarind.

Locally-Rooted Market Nights

Enjoy the vibrant sights, sounds and flavours of a Malaysian market, in Four Seasons style. Ikan Ikan hosts a local-style dinner featuring Ikan Bakar, meaning “roasted fish” in Malay. Diners can take their pick from a variety of fresh fish and seafood, which are then charcoal-grilled in banana leaf or bamboo with their choice of seasoning.

“We don’t force the menu,” says Chef Hairullizan, noting that the offerings are based on the catch of the day, from clams to stingrays – and everything in between.

Along with grills, guests also get a front-row seat to the preparation of other Malaysian specialties, including iconic street-food satay and classic condiment sambal. Four Seasons chefs can even whip up customized sambals, tailored to individual preferences.

To reserve your unforgettable culinary journey at Ikan Ikan, chat via Four Seasons App.