Five Reasons Why Four Seasons Private Island Maldives at Voavah is the Ultimate Hideaway

Maldives Private Island at Voavah, Baa Atoll, Republic of Maldives

At Four Seasons Private Island Maldives at Voavah, anything and everything is possible. The world’s first exclusive-use UNESCO idyll where undivided service and elite experiences flow like the surrounding ocean, it’s entirely yours from the moment of arrival. Whether you’re planning a multi-generational family reunion or the ultimate destination wedding, a party hideaway for friends or the highest level of corporate entertaining, Voavah invites total customization in a pristine wilderness.

1. Celebrate like no one’s watching

No neighbours, no paparazzi and no limits. Set in the middle of the Maldives’ most protected waters and accessible only by seaplane, Voavah is a secluded haven where you call the shots. Comprising a vast Beach House, seven bedrooms across multiple villas, a dive centre, Ocean of Consciousness spa, and 19-metre (62-foot) yacht, it offers a playground of possibility for up to 22 guests at a time. Protected by secluded ocean and a 24/7 security team, the potential is as endless as the surrounding waters.

2. Milestone moments, Voavah vibes

Want to host your own beach festival, with local bodu beru drummers and dancers? Fly in one of the world’s best DJs for an all-night pool party? Cruise aboard your private yacht, Voavah Summer, identifying turtles, dolphins and manta rays with expert marine biologist guides? Dine around the world with a different cuisine at every meal or stargaze into the night with expert astronomers? Whatever your milestone vacation vision, Voavah can make it happen. Prefer to be surprised? Let the on-site team take care of all the planning and arrive ready for the most extraordinary experience of your life.

3. Immerse in a UNESCO idyll

Explore an extraordinary marine ecosystem in the Maldives’ first UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Marvel at colourful corals, thrilling thilas, sea turtles, schools of tropical fish and the world’s largest known population of manta rays. Spot dancing dolphins, resident water hens and herons while lounging on pristine white sands. Prepare to be dazzled with sunset cruises, night snorkels, and seasonal whale shark safaris. With a private yacht and a team of expert boatmen, marine biologists and scientists at your disposal, you’re connected to nature’s wonders in a truly mind-expanding way.

4. From Voavah, with love

At the core of every Voavah experience is heartfelt care. Legendary Four Seasons service personalized to your every requirement is combined with award-winning creative planning and expert on-site support. Craft your unique getaway prior to arrival with exquisite bespoke menus, itineraries and experiences. Add your chosen extra team members from dive instructors to water sports experts, Ayurvedic physicians to reiki practitioners. Then kick back on arrival as Voavah’s expert team of 28 warm, welcoming and discreet specialist staff work together to craft your dream private island escape.

5. Connect to all that is

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” So wrote world-renowned author Maya Angelou and – with its never-ending oceanic views and secluded serenity – Voavah delivers an equally inspiring sense of inner evolution. Discover a profound pathway to authenticity at The Ocean of Consciousness Spa thanks to one of the world’s best therapists and yogis, Ni Made Sulastri.  Intuitive treatments are based on the five pathways of Truth, Wise Action, Love, Peace, and Compassion – designed to elevate awareness, transform actions, and help you awaken to your power to affect wide-reaching change. Or step onto your private beach at dawn for yoga, meditation and pranayama classes, your invitation to connect with "all that is" in nature’s embrace.