Winter Getaway with Four Seasons Megève Collection

September 13, 2023,
Megeve, France

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, two hotels combining elegance and refinement are poised to reopen their doors for the winter season. Four Seasons Hotel Megève, the pinnacle of Alpine hospitality, announces its winter reopening on December 13, 2023, while the acclaimed Chalets du Mont d'Arbois, Megève, A Four Seasons Hotel will warmly welcome guests from December 21, 2023.

As the winter season draws near, bringing its gentle covering of snow, Four Seasons Megève Collection presents a range of thrilling ski adventures and culinary experiences. Guests will fully embrace the spirit of the season, where captivating elements converge to offer a diverse range of activities.

An Exceptional Culinary Experience in the Heart of an Igloo

This winter, Four Seasons Megève Collection has partnered with an igloo construction specialist to present adventurous travellers with a unique opportunity – an immersive culinary experience within an authentic igloo made entirely of snow. This extraordinary adventure begins with a snowshoe trek through the elevated terrain of Megève, led by an experienced mountain guide. Nestled amid a fir forest is a charming igloo, aglow with candlelight and adorned with cosy blankets, creating a warm and inviting ambience. Once inside, culinary enthusiasts will savour an assortment of exquisite charcuterie, local cheeses and warming mulled wine alongside a curated selection of homemade sweet delights.

The return journey promises to be just as magical as the sun sets behind the horizon, casting its final rays on the snowy landscape in a mesmerising display. Once night has descended, guests can admire a star-studded sky, infusing an additional touch of magic into the experience.

A Feast for the Senses at La Dame de Pic - Le 1920

At acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant La Dame de Pic - Le 1920, overseen by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic, the winter season heralds the celebration of effervescent flavours, with exquisite creations that delight the palate and engage the senses. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic art of fermentation – a culinary technique the chef has ardently explored over months – the new menu daringly unites locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, resulting in a culinary journey that strikes a harmonious balance between effervescent textures and delicate interplay.

The restaurant will welcome its first guests for dinner on Friday, December 15, 2023.

Embracing the Winter Season with Renewed Vitality Thanks to Exquisite Spa Experiences

The Four Seasons Megève Collection Spas invite guests to discover a diverse array of treatments designed to revive the senses and revitalise the body to prepare for winter. Following an exhilarating day on the slopes, guests can indulge in a rejuvenating après-ski bath. This indulgent experience takes place in the comfort of guests’ rooms, with an elegantly assembled bath kit discreetly placed at their doorstep. Comprising Epsom salts, arnica bath oil, lavender essential oil and magnesium shavings, this harmonious blend bestows a sense of well-being, vitality and newfound lightness to weary legs.

For those seeking complete rejuvenation, an exquisite treatment awaits at the Spa. The Alpine Glow ritual seamlessly integrates the wonders of nature through the craftsmanship of local producers. This sensory journey starts with a massage infused with white fir oil, celebrated for its revitalising properties. The experience continues with a facial treatment that harnesses the potent qualities of white fir buds, recognised for their plumping effect, and the invigorating properties of hand-picked cornflowers. This comprehensive holistic experience revitalises skin texture and enhances the complexion to deliver a radiant glow.

With the promise of a radiant complexion, Hydrafacial skincare provides deep, long-lasting hydration for the epidermis, thanks to a multi-step treatment that deeply cleanses the skin while nourishing and revitalizing it with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. A subtle cocktail of benefits that will deliver instant results for even the most sun-damaged, polluted and dehydrated skin, revealing incredibly soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Thrilling Activities Await

Perched atop the Megève heights, Four Seasons Hotel Megève offers an enticing retreat, distinguished as the sole establishment within the resort to grant direct access to the slopes. As the ski concierge arranges equipment and tailored itineraries to match individual skill levels, guests are treated to delectable pastries, providing a delightful prelude before embarking on their skiing adventure.

For those seeking a captivating break from the slopes, there are scores of exciting activities to enjoy in Megève and its scenic environs. Guests can glide down a 715 metre (2,350 foot) toboggan run framed by majestic Mont Blanc, or enjoy a skating session, whether at Megève's renowned Olympic ice rink or at the charming open-air rink in the heart of the village. Guests can also embark on a snowshoe trek through pine-covered forests, where the untouched snow creates a satisfying soft crunch beneath the feet.

There’s no better way to conclude the day than with a cocktail at sophisticated Bar Edmond, with its striking glass counter designed by Gilles Chabrier. The menu includes a selection of mocktails as well as a range of sublimely crafted cocktails made with regional spirits such as chartreuse and genépi liqueur.


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