This Summer, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Megève Offers a Range of Holistic Treatments Inviting Relaxation and Rejuvenation in the Heart of the Alps

May 14, 2024,
Megeve, France

A haven of wellness and serenity, the iconic Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Megève offers soothing summer treatments to promote rejuvenation and pure relaxation. Rituals were thoughtfully created to fully engage the senses, with alluring summer scents beckoning guests into a realm of pure indulgence.

The Healing Power of Sound Baths

Designed for guests seeking inner harmony and spiritual wellbeing, the Sound Bath experience takes place in the Hotel’s open-air geodesic dome. Created to soothe the mind and promote deep relaxation, these Sound Bath sessions shed light on the history, legends and energy cleansing practices associated with ancient instruments. Comfortably seated on a floor mat encircled by carefully arranged Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, participants are invited to close their eyes and fully immerse themselves in this unique sensory experience. Each sound and vibration resonates harmoniously with the inner self, enveloping guests in a blanket of well-being. Tensions dissipate, thoughts quieten, and a profound sense of inner peace descends, ushering guests into a state of deep relaxation.

  • Individual Sound Care Ritual 60 minutes – EUR 150 (group)
  • Full Moon Sound Bath Session (Sunday, July 21 and Monday, August 19, 2024) - 60 minutes EUR 50 (group of 8 participants)
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop 120 minutes – EUR 65 (group of 8 participants)

Working with the Energy of the Moon to Enhance Inner Well-Being

Surrounded by majestic alpine peaks stretching into the starry sky, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Megève is a veritable sanctuary of peace offering wellness experiences created in harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe. Each treatment is carefully designed to align the body and mind with the rhythms and energies of the moon. Whether to revitalise the body during the new moon, release stressors during half moon, cocoon and soothe during full moon, or rid the body of impurities during the crescent phase, expert therapists are on hand to guide guests through each ritual.

To further enhance the close connection with lunar energy, therapists have devised a Lunar Detox Bath, specially designed for full moon nights. This special bath can be enjoyed in complete privacy in the comfort of guests’ rooms, using a specially prepared kit delivered directly to the door. Created to promote cellular renewal and boost inner energy, this holistic experience comes with a Moon Serenity infusion and includes guided meditation to create a harmonious synergy between body and mind.

Relaxation and Indulgence with a Day at the Spa Package

Created specially for non-resident guests, the Day at the Spa package includes access to the indoor-outdoor heated swimming pool (28°C), steam room, and state-of-the-art fitness centre. To complete this sensory experience, a gourmet lunch can be added to the package, with a selection of Poke Bowls to enjoy on the sunny terrace by the swimming pool, which offers sweeping views of the Côte 2000 mountain range. Guests seeking utter relaxation can unwind with an indulgent 60-minute massage carried out by expert therapists. Treatments are tailored to each individual, offering a promise of escape and rejuvenation in the Spa’s magnificent alpine setting.

  • Access to the swimming pool, fitness centre and steam room: EUR 120 per person / EUR 200 per couple
  • Access to the swimming pool and lunch: EUR 180 per person / EUR 330 per couple
  • Access to the swimming pool and 60-minute massage: EUR 320 per person / EUR 560 per couple
  • Access to the swimming pool, 60-minute massage and lunch: EUR 370 per person / EUR 680 per couple

Signature Treatment by Snö Eternelle

Featuring certified Cosébio skincare products made with wildflowers from the Haute-Savoie, Snö Eternelle offers a unique sensory experience in the heart of the Alps. The treatment begins with a sports massage to aid recuperation, followed by a relaxing facial enriched with organic Nordic botanical ingredients carefully selected by brand founder Raphaëlle Monod Sjöström. The ritual incorporates skincare products infused with hazelnut oil and a blend of Nordic oils extracted from rose, raspberry, sea buckthorn and cranberry seeds to stimulate the senses. Enhanced with plant-derived hyaluronic acid, these formulations deliver optimal hydration, leaving skin looking radiant.