A Celebration of Modern Design Paying Homage to the Past

Nashville, USA

Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Nashville is a 40-storey, mixed-use development in the heart of Downtown Nashville’s SoBro neighbourhood, one of the tallest buildings in the state of Tennessee and a striking addition to the Nashville skyline along the west bank of the Cumberland River. 

To capture and embody the ethos of Nashville and its musical culture, architectural firm SCB sought inspiration from the acoustic guitar, an exquisitely made instrument crafted of the finest materials. Like a luthier, SCB designed the gleaming tower to be both functional and beautiful, blending warm-coloured panels with weathered steel, activating the façade both day and night and visually connecting the streetscape with bustling activity inside the building.

The building’s adjacency to the historic John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge allowed the design team to develop unique program and place-making elements, such as an elevated, pop-up performance venue and an area below the bridge where food trucks and people can gather. Above the podium rises an elegant, modern, and sleek glass tower that is oriented to capture exceptional views and reflect the luxury of the condominiums and hotel within. 

The John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge was also a source of inspiration for interior design firm Marzipan, who outfitted Four Seasons Hotel Nashville. Geometric patterns from the bridge’s architecture are reflected in the carpet of the Hotel’s expansive event space, which offers breath-taking views of both the bridge and the Cumberland River. 

The porcelain tile with a slate-like finish used throughout the guest rooms was manufactured in Tennessee, while the black walnut accents used throughout the property is indigenous to the region. A harmonious blend of handsomely tailored fabrics, textured wallcoverings, and mixed metals creates a sense of sumptuous warmth and elevated luxury reflective of the Hotel. A subtle reference to Nashville’s musical legacy is seen on the custom guest room entry doors, where a series of linear stripes defined by a break in the wood veneer was influenced by guitar strings.

For Four Seasons Residences Nashville, HOK — a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm — looked to the Cumberland River, the music industry, and Tennessee’s pastoral landscapes to create a sophisticated and luxurious respite in the heart of the city. HOK relied on an overall palette of indigenous and sustainable materials, including black walnut wood, blackened steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and white and charcoal marble stone, to imbue public spaces and residential units with the smoky, soulful aesthetic of Nashville. 

Satin brass and polished bronze — reminiscent of the instruments found throughout Music City — add sparkle to the building’s fixtures and trim. The soft blues, greens, and greys of the nearby Cumberland River add richness and depth to carpets, upholstery drapery, and artwork. Custom-commissioned sculptures from local artists encourage people to pause and appreciate life’s meaningful moments and beauty.