Embracing Mexican Artisans and Supporting Our Community

Punta Mita, México

The authentic connection of Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita to Mexican culture is rooted in its thoughtful conception, which invited local designers, artists, and manufacturers to collaborate throughout the design process. The interior of each space reflects a sophisticated mix of custom-made furniture with locally-sourced pieces that pay homage to Mexican craftsmanship that dates back generations. For example, guests will find decorative pillows made by the Roman family, which has created intricate textiles with a manual loom in Oaxaca for more than four generations. Whether it is made in Guadalajara, Puebla, or Veracruz, each piece tells a story of the Mexican family that created it. The careful acquisition of these one-of-a-kind items inspired a unique retail experience for Naviva guests, who have the opportunity to place custom orders for select pieces that they see throughout the property and find inspiring.

Custom Pieces with a Sense of Place

Each commissioned item directly supports local entrepreneurs from throughout Mexico such as Taracea, a family-owned furniture maker that specializes in woodworking with recovered timber. Its sister company, Rasttro, produces smaller pieces such as individually carved chess and tic-tac-toe boards from wood that Taracea is unable to use. While exact replicas of most Naviva items are unavailable for purchase due to their bespoke nature, guests can request made-to-order art from local artists such as Manuel Vargas; handwoven hammocks from Makamah; and bath robes from Oaxaca made by Candor.