How to Eat a Mango Like a Nevisian

Nevis, West Indies

In Nevis, mangoes are everywhere. It is said there are approximately 44 varieties of mangoes on the island and during the summer mango season locals feast on them for free, picking them off trees by the side of the road. But, have you ever wondered just how to eat a mango like a local? As we gear up for this year’s Nevis Mango Festival, it's time to unleash our inner fruit fiend and indulge in the majesty that is mango. We know this golden, juicy fruit can be messy, but don't fret, we're here to show you the way to mango mastery. With expert tips and tricks from Four Seasons Resort Nevis, you'll be devouring delicious mangos like a pro in no time.

The Slice n’ Dice Method:

  • Hold the mango firmly and give it the old one-two with a sharp knife, chopping off both ends like a boss.
  • Stand the mango up and slice down the sides, hugging that pesky pit as close as you can.
  • Score the flesh in a crisscross pattern without breaking through the skin. The result? A mango that's practically begging to be eaten.
  • Flip those mango cheeks inside out, using your knife or spoon to separate the juicy cubes from the skin. Voilà!

The Popsicle Method:

  • Take mango eating to the next level with a fruity popsicle twist. Slice off the ends of the mango to create a stable base and stand it tall.
  • Peel away the skin with style, slicing vertical strips. Rotate that fruit like a DJ on the turntables.
  • Now, hold the mango upright and cut along both sides of the pit, creating two halves that are just asking to be sliced and enjoyed.
  • Thinly slice each mango half lengthwise while holding them firmly together. Fan them out and take a bite of mango perfection.

The Mango Maestro Method:

  • Get ready for a mango slicin' symphony! Start by giving your mango the VIP treatment—chop off both ends to create a flat base.
  • Stand that mango tall and slice off the skin like you're revealing its hidden talent.
  • With the skin gone, hold that mango horizontally and slice it up like a master chef. Thin or thick, the choice is yours.
  • These mango slices are ready for their debut, whether they star in a fruit salad medley, make a cameo in a smoothie, or make a solo performance, the show must mango on!

The Twist-Off Method:

  • Begin by positioning the mango on its side and cutting off the top and bottom to create a flat surface.
  • Hold that ball of sweet sunshine steady and gently slide your knife between the flesh and the skin, tracing a circle all around the fruit.
  • Once the circular incision is made, grasp each end of the mango and twist it in opposite directions, separating the fruit into two halves.
  • Take a spoon and scoop out the succulent mango flesh from each half, creating perfect mango rings that are ready to be savoured.

The “Just Nyam It!” Method (because who needs a knife?):

  • Fill a bucket, any bucket, with an assortment of ripe mangoes.
  • Don your trusty old t-shirt.
  • Find the shadiest spot under a tree, preferably a mango tree.
  • With the mango in hand, give it a gentle squeeze to feel the perfect ripeness.
  • Sink your teeth into the juicy flesh, and relish that golden goodness.
  • Now you can start by biting a small hole at the narrowest end, squeezing firmly, ejecting that gooey goodness directly into your mouth. (Works best with fully ripened mangoes.) Or, just tear into the flesh with wild abandon as you make your way to the core. Either way gets the job done!

The Nevis Mango Festival is an annual food festival that celebrates the abundant mango harvest on the island and serves as a perfect precursor to Nevis’ grand Culturama carnival. Guests of Four Seasons can expect to indulge in a playful celebration of all things mango and savour the most tantalizing mango-infused treats, from spicy mango rubs to tangy mango salsas to refreshing mango cocktails that will tickle your taste buds. It's a chance to experience the fun and flavours that make our island truly unique.

So, join us once again for this fruity extravaganza and immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere where everyone comes together, united by our love of mango. Put your newfound mango-eating skills to the test and create memories as sweet as the mangoes themselves!

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