Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown Announces its Fifth Pop-Up Boutique: The Edit

A curation of the city’s most innovative designers to be celebrated on the heels of New York Fashion Week
February 15, 2024,
New York, U.S.A.

Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, situated in the heart of Tribeca, lined with cobblestone streets, trendy boutiques, galleries and restaurants, is introducing the fifth installment of its pop-up retail boutique, The Edit. Located within The Spa’s third-floor boutique, The Edit is an innovative collaboration series celebrating style and sophistication, offering Four Seasons guests an immersive and creative retail experience fostering meaningful connections with the surrounding community.

With a commitment to showcasing New York’s rich cultural tapestry and diversity, the downtown property is curating an unparalleled style-centric journey for guests, ensuring those who visit the pop-up embark on an exploration of the city's dynamic fashion landscape. Rotating its featured designers every few months, The Edit is a vibrant testament to the essence and allure of established and emerging New York designers.

Following New York Fashion Week, The Edit will spotlight four designers from Thursday, February 15, to Tuesday, April 30, 2024: Connor McKnight, Jessie Zhao, Muehleder and ​​Puppets and Puppets.

Connor McKnight

Connor McKnight, a luxury fashion brand hailing from New York City, delves into the essence of Black life, deftly navigating emotions and vulnerabilities within the everyday. Recognizing a scarcity of nuance in the portrayal of Black experiences, Connor McKnight endeavours to illuminate the often-overlooked moments, crafting a more holistic narrative. His approach to luxury fashion combines contemporary refinement with timeless craftsmanship, seamlessly blending utilitarian silhouettes with opulent textiles. Drawing inspiration from his Washington, DC roots, Connor McKnight elevates everyday outdoor staples to haute couture, challenging the conventional notions of luxury. Through his designs, Connor McKnight seeks to redefine normalcy and luxury, weaving a tapestry celebrating the beauty in the experiences of Black individuals while pushing boundaries and prompting a re-evaluation of what constitutes true innovation and worth in the fashion realm.

Jessie Zhao

Jessie Zhao, an esteemed Asian-American designer, captivated the fashion world with her exquisite hand-drawn silk scarves since establishing her eponymous brand in New York City in 2018. Celebrating the intersection of nature, fine art, and fashion, Jessie Zhao's multicultural background, education and professional experience infuse her creations with a unique artistic vision. Each scarf, meticulously crafted and painted in her design studio, reflects her deep connection to nature and humanity, weaving tales of beauty and individuality. Her brand has garnered acclaim worldwide, with collections gracing the shelves of prestigious institutions, and later expanding to include an array of products, from leggings to dinnerware. Through her commitment to creativity and quality, Jessie Zhao continues to inspire and empower individuals globally with her distinctive fusion of artistry and fashion.


Paying homage to her bold Nigerian culture, founder and designer Larissa Muehleder’s pieces boast vibrant colours and voluminous silhouettes serving as extensions of each individual’s personality, guaranteeing every piece is a conversation for wearers looking to find their tribe. Muehleder has been a way for Larissa to connect with women around the world. After immigrating to Brooklyn, NY, in the late ‘90s, Larissa witnessed the impact that first impressions have, which partly inspired her to launch Muehleder - a brand for women seeking to find comfort within themselves through designs that effortlessly flow with their curves and charisma.

​​Puppets and Puppets

Puppets and Puppets, a New York-based fashion label established in 2018 by Carly Mark, stands as a testament to creativity and innovation. Puppets and Puppets seamlessly merges fine art with fashion, crafting collections that oscillate between streetwear and eclectic with a hint of theatrics. Known for dramatic silhouettes, grunge aesthetics, and the use of recycled materials, Puppets and Puppets allures fashion-forward individuals with its absurdist, one-of-a-kind pieces adorned with food-themed details. Beyond aesthetics, the brand explores storytelling, non-traditional styling, and sculptural construction, emphasizing utility, comfort, and mindfulness. By challenging traditional fashion paradigms and embracing future-forward thinking, Puppets and Puppets emerges as a beacon of fearless, boundary-pushing creativity within the New York fashion landscape.

The Edit is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm; and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. For more details, contact

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