10 Reasons to Visit Prague This Autumn

Four Seasons Hotel Prague presents the best autumnal experiences for creating unforgettable memories
Prague, Czech Republic

As autumn leaves paint Prague in golden hues, the city's charm becomes undeniable. Four Seasons Hotel Prague invites you to immerse yourself in this seasonal wonder, showcasing 10 reasons why Prague stands as the must-visit destination this fall.

Centuries of Architecture: The Hotel is located only a stone’s throw away from the city’s main sights and guests are invited to step onto the streets of Prague and let architectural marvels unravel around them. From mysterious Gothic churches to exquisite Baroque palaces, cubist villas and modern gems, a walk round the city will spark eternal inspiration.

Rooms with Unparalleled Views: At Four Seasons Hotel Prague, guests can wake up to an idyllic scene that seems straight out of a movie and fall asleep while counting the spires on the Prague skyline. Views of Prague Castle, the Vltava River, and the iconic Charles Bridge enveloped in golden tones of autumn offer a mesmerising experience.

Sail the Wave: What's even better than walking around the city? Experiencing it from the waters of the majestic Vltava River. The Hotel’s own Four Seasons wooden boat offers an intimate journey, letting guests sail amid Prague’s splendours.

Follow the Sounds: From the timeless allure of classical symphonies echoing in grand halls to the lively rhythms of contemporary jazz clubs, Prague’s musical tapestry is rich and varied. With the addition of special music festivals such as Prague Sounds, which showcases contemporary icons and enticing up-and-comers form different musical genres, there's even more to explore. Allow our dedicated team to tailor a musical evening for you, ensuring your autumn in Prague strikes the perfect chord for every preference.

Immerse in Prague's Artistic Brilliance: Dive into the city's thriving art and design landscape, which pulsates with creativity and innovation. Highlighting the season is Designblok, Central Europe's premier showcase of contemporary design and fashion, setting the stage for the finest in Czech creativity. Alongside, the Signal Festival illuminates Prague's nights, a celebration of digital culture where expansive video mapping installations transform the city into a luminous canvas of digital art. Experience this dual spectacle, as Prague seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern design wonders.

Ride Through History: Guests are invited to explore the cobbled streets and iconic landmarks of the city from the comfort of their own historic car. With each turn, the driver will ride through a different era, making it the perfect way for savouring the city’s rich heritage.

Golden-Hued Gardens: Prague’s gardens and parks come alive in a tapestry of gold, orange, and red, setting the perfect stage for afternoon strolls and picnics. The Hotel’s Concierge team has compiled a list of local parks with suggestions on where to find the best photography spots to get that picture-perfect photo souvenir.

Fashion Therapy: Those looking to indulge in the local fashion scene with a touch of bespoke luxury can discover hidden boutiques or visit the esteemed ateliers of renowned Czech designers, including the visionary Zuzana Kubickova. The Concierge team is ready to arrange a private visit or personal shopping assistant.

Meet the Artist: Art enthusiasts are invited to meet the talented painter behind the Hotel’s pop-up successful exhibition. Local talented artist Petra McGrath will take guest on a guided tour around the Hotel, present each painting and reveal the inner workings of her creative mind.

Bubbly Adventure: There’s a special delight that comes alive in the vineyards of Moravia - Burčák - the young Moravian wine that captures the very essence of the season. This semi-fermented, delightfully sweet beverage is more than just wine; it's an autumn tradition. Light on the palate with a gentle effervescence, Burčák offers a taste that's as fleeting as the season itself. If there's one thing to toast to in the Czech autumn, it's a glass of this cherished young wine.