Rice Reimagined: An Artistic Alliance Between Four Seasons Hotel Seoul and Photographer-Artist Jinju Kang

February 8, 2024,
Seoul, Korea

Celebrating the reverential and historic symbolism of rice in Korean culture, the OUL X Local Artisan collaboration sees the buzzing city hotspot partner with acclaimed Korean photographer and visual artist Jinju Kang. From now until April 30, 2024, guests can savour a fusion of visual, culinary and cocktail art – including an exhibition of Jinju Kang’s photography and rice-inspired cocktails. To celebrate this collaboration, a special dinner with guest chef Tae-Hwan Ryu is planned for only one day, on March 8, 2024.

OUL is the perfect setting for this artistic exploration of rice, and Jinju Kang, the ideal visual storyteller,” comments Four Seasons Hotel Seoul Hotel Manager Michael Cho. “Spanning the traditional, modern and future-minded, OUL is our homage to all the eras that have shaped the city we love today, and nothing transcends the eras and their meaning here in Korea more than rice.”

Rice Alchemy: The Art of Cocktails and Dishes

Artfully intended as a sippable complement to Jinju Kang’s creativity, OUL will be serving three unique cocktails made from Korean rice spirits. Merging ancient heritage with modern mixology, Jeju Bom Fizz is a refreshing, zesty highball featuring Jeju Island’s Omegi rice wine infused with green tea, yuzu, honey and seltzer. An aromatic, invigorating twist on the French 75, Ssal 75 blends mandarin peel-infused gin and orange blossom cordial with sparkling rice wine. Sool Bab is a rich, velvety, creative cocktail with a base of miso butter soju infused with nurungji syrup for a subtle fermented aroma.

Artfully accompanying the inspired cocktails is a special Korean rice dish of Nurungji Bibim Guksu – a sweet and spicy partnership of five-colour noodles, gochujang sauce and barley miso nurungji chips in a tangy dongchimi broth, served with a sea bream, abalone, cuttlefish and seasonal vegetables. All cocktails are KRW 29,000 and the rice dish is KRW 32,000.

A Visual Feast: The Art of Rice Photography

With specialisms in Hansik (Korean Gourmet) and food culture, Jinju Kang’s atmospheric food photography is featuring the root of Korean culture and local ingredients. The collaboration with OUL sees a series of contemporary artworks as Jinju Kang trains her lens on the cultural significance of Korean rice, not only reminding locals about the tradition and childhood memories, but also definitely intriguing diverse foreigners’ interest. By focusing on traditional instruments – farmers’ tools, woven baskets, mortars and rice steamers – Jinju Kang explores the journey of rice through the ages and from field to fork. Capturing the cycle of growth, harvest, and renewal, her art reflects the rhythms of life itself.

Gastronomic Masterpieces: The Art of Reimagining Rice Classics

On March 8, 2024, gourmands can explore rice through a lens of culinary innovation as Chef Tae-Hwan Ryu of Michelin-starred restaurant Ryunique showcases a unique menu at OUL for two evening sittings. Korean ingredients meet French and Japanese techniques for a playful take on the nation’s favourites. Stars of the show include tomato gochujang yukhoe (beef tartar), fried gwamegi (half-dried saury), combination of lobster tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) and local rice sundae (Korean blood sausage), nourishing yellow cheese arancini, comforting samgyetang (chicken soup) and palate-cleansing rice caramel. For the perfect rice-pairing, three cocktails and rice wine will be also offered.

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