Nuru: A New Culinary Experience That Illuminates Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

June 25, 2024,
Serengeti, Tanzania

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti announces the opening of Nuru, its captivating new restaurant in the heart of the breathtaking African wilderness.

Meaning “light” in Swahili and Arabic, Nuru symbolizes and enhances the majesty of bright African sunrises, the magic of the golden hour light in the Savannah and the celestial glow of the night sky; setting the stage for a refined and memorable culinary journey for discerning travellers.

Nuru (formerly known as Kula’s) has undergone an extensive renovation and now embodies elements of unearthed nature and warmth. Intricate textures and design elements skillfully crafted by artisans reflect the Lodge’s deep connection to the Serengeti and invite visitors to engage more than just their sight and taste, but other senses too. Nuru offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience that evolves throughout the day; as the light changes, the restaurant transforms as well to provide a distinctive ambiance for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Experience the radiant morning light as it illuminates the endless Serengeti plains during breakfast at Nuru; from its elevated position, the views are even more breathtaking, and guests can witness elephants and other wildlife enjoy a drink from the watering hole. After an exhilarating morning game drive, savour expertly crafted meals by our chefs during lunchtime. Picturesque sunsets while indulging in delicious appetizers are now possible in Nuru’s lounge bar area before settling into a dinner spread - Each dish is a sensory journey, tantalizing taste buds with the finest fresh locally sourced ingredients.

“We are excited Nuru is the new highlight of the many dining options within the Lodge premises,” says Marisa Fernandes, General Manager of Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti. “Nuru allows us to offer our guests a more immersive exploration of the world of culinary artistry, seamlessly blending exceptional dining with the magic of the Serengeti.”

Fernandes explains, “It is a brand-new concept for the Lodge, adding to an already extensive array of dining options. Nuru is a stunning venue where guests can socialize and unwind while enjoying various cuisines and an atmosphere that make it a truly unique dining experience within the Serengeti National Park.”

Included in the Lodge’s all-inclusive dining options, Nuru’s menu offers all-time continental classics, indulgent steakhouse favourites, nutritious and healthy options, and delicately crafted Mediterranean dishes. It also showcases more premium offerings such as cuts of dry-aged meats and exquisite produce, elevating the dining experience to new levels. Nuru is also home to The Vineyard, an intimate dining venue in the Lodge’s old wine cellar, that offers exquisite wine-paired menus for a special experience. Here, guests enjoy fine dining in the heart of the wilderness complemented by the renowned African hospitality. Wines are curated from across the world with a focus on South African wines, expertly matched to the dishes and to the guests' palates.

Nuru is the largest restaurant at the Lodge and adds another touch of timeless elegance, revamping the traditional safari dining experience. When staying at Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, guests can wine and dine in different outlets each day including Nuru, Maji for a more relaxed poolside dining experience, Boma for a taste of traditional Maasai and Swahili cuisine, and a collection of private and customized experiences such as the Bush dinners, unique plant-based Treehouse meals, in-villa Barbecues, and intimate pool island dinners; these offerings make Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti a truly exceptional culinary destination of its own.