Matsuyi at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen Launches New Wagyu Concept

The luxury Hotel’s modern Japanese restaurant unites the world’s wagyu cuts in dynamic new dining concept
November 13, 2023,
Shenzhen, China

Shining a spotlight on one of the world’s most prized delicacies, Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen unveils a new evening dining concept featuring fine quality wagyu beef cuts from across the globe. Within the fashionably refined surrounds of the Hotel’s Japanese restaurant Matsuyi, diners can savour an exquisite showcase of premium wagyu varieties, theatrically prepared at live cooking stations in a variety of Japanese culinary styles from teppanyaki and donburi to sukiyaki and shabu shabu.

Renowned as the “King of Beef,” wagyu is an exceptional delicacy with a rich, buttery flavour, supreme tenderness and intense marbling that gives a luxurious melt-in-the-mouth sensation, making it one of the world’s most expensive meats. While wagyu is a beef cattle breed native to Japan and considered a national treasure, this special breed is now also raised in countries across the globe. The new Matsuyi dining concept features a selection of wagyu cuts carefully sourced from specialist suppliers around the world, including Australia, Russia, the USA, Chile and China. Each region’s wagyu bears different flavours based on the distinct hallmarks of its environments, delivering a sensory experience that embodies the essence of Japanese culinary excellence.

In the new Matsuyi showcase, diners can select from a wide variety of fine international wagyu beef grades and cuts presented on a wheeled cart, portioned to the cut and prepared to their choice of culinary style at the dynamic live cooking stations. From sizzling amiyaki wagyu crafted on a table-top grill to simmering shabu shabu wagyu hotpot, traditional katsu sando wagyu beef “sandwiches” to the vibrant fire show of flame-grilled wagyu teppanyaki –flamboyantly cooked table-side for the ultimate Instagrammable experience – each dish unites the exquisite flavours of wagyu with Matsuyi’s renowned creative flair.

The new Matsuyi wagyu dining concept complements a wider menu of authentic Japanese delights. From freshly crafted sushi and sashimi to à la carte tempura, tataki and teriyaki and the ever-popular Beef Sandwich, the restaurant’s flavourful cuisine is crafted by professionals openly demonstrating their skills in an entertaining and engaging gastronomic showcase.

Matsuyi is one of four sophisticated restaurants and bars at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen. An oasis in a prized location in Shenzhen’s Futian central business district, the Hotel combines contemporary residential design with cutting-edge innovation for a luxuriously relaxed stay that reflects the vibrant, international energy of the city it serves.