Modern Japanese Dishes with Mediterranean Flair Delight Inside Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley

The luxury Hotel introduces “Ichi-go ichi-e, East Meets West” as part of its Wanderlust at the Lobby Lounge pop-up experience series
June 19, 2023,
Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

[ESC], the eatery and lounge located inside Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, introduces Wanderlust at the Lobby Lounge pop-up experience. The first in the pop-up series is Ichi-go ichi-e, East Meets West that showcases a Japanese and Mediterranean amalgamated cuisine, where the captivating allure of two rich culinary traditions intertwine, creating a truly unique and memorable dining experience. Patrons can expect to step into a culinary world that combines the vibrant flavours of Japanese cuisine with the aromatic ingredients and culinary techniques of the Mediterranean region. Ichi-go ichi-e is a popular Japanese term that means “Treasure an unrepeatable moment,” a reminder to fully engage with the present moment and appreciate the people and unique experiences we encounter.

The five-course set menu begins with a selection of meticulously prepared Kushi Oysters, followed by a Tuna Tataki, where the delicate freshness of fish meets the zesty Mediterranean tang of sun-drenched tomatoes. The next course includes a torched Wagyu Beef served with smoked vegetables, accompanied by vibrant Japanese-inspired sauce.

Executive Chef Daniel Garcia says, “Each dish is a masterpiece, reflecting the culinary expertise of our talented chefs who draw inspiration from both cultures to create a symphony of flavours that dance across your palate.” He further adds, “Complement your meal with a carefully curated wine pairing, featuring exceptional vintages, or indulge in a perfect cocktail pairing crafted with a fusion of traditional Japanese and Mediterranean ingredients.”

General Manager Adora Manalo says, “Whether you are seeking an unforgettable dining experience or simply curious to explore the intriguing blend of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, our pop-up experience is the perfect destination. Join us and allow your senses to embark on an extraordinary culinary adventure that transcends borders and embraces the finest of two exceptional culinary worlds.”

  • Five-Course Tasting Menu: USD 95 per person
  • Cocktail Pairing: USD 45 per person
  • Wine Pairing: USD 45 per person
  • Every Saturday from July 8 through September 30, 2023
  • First Seating: 6:00 pm
  • Second Seating: 8:00 pm

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