New Massage Treatment Promotes Deeper, Superior Sleep

New Deep Sleep Restorative Massage designed to fix sleep deficit
St. Louis, U.S.A.

While March is designated as National Sleep Awareness Month, anytime is a perfect time to reflect on not only how much but also the quality of sleep you are getting.  To help guests on their journey toward peaceful slumber, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis launched a new treatment designed to encourage and nurture superior sleep.

Guests can rest even easier with the new 100-minute Deep Sleep Restorative Massage at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis. This treatment was specifically created to promote restful, quality sleep, as well as relieve stress and calm the mind. This massage incorporates techniques to release tension along energy pathways, increase circulation and bring a feeling of lightness from head to foot.  Think gentle rocking, long firm strokes, and foot massage – all accompanied by the soothing aromas of calming lavender and comforting blue chamomile to encourage deeper relaxation.

This peaceful experience concludes with a 20-minute nap under a weighted blanket to balance hormones while delta wave-stimulating melodic tones play to induce the deepest state of restorative rest. Guests receive a pillow mist and eucalyptus salt soak to extend the spa experience at home.

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