A Snapshot into Tamarindo

February 24, 2023,
Tamarindo, México

Tamarindo is a photographer’s dream. The reserve’s imposing cliffs and vast Pacific Ocean offer the chance to take epic adventure-inspired shots, while the lush jungle, bursting with wildlife, holds infinite surprises for the camera. That’s why Four Seasons Resort Tamarindo, Mexico is proud to announce its Photographer in Residence program with award-winning adventure photographer Mauricio Ramos. Mauricio brings with him more than 15 years of experience, and is well known for capturing images filled with natural richness, cultural beauty and highlighting dynamic outdoor escapades. You might have seen his craftsmanship in National Geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and ELLE; as well as in books and journals from around the world such as Journey to Beijing, and Los Ninos de Mexico for UNICEF.

While in residence, Mauricio will conduct a number of workshops to help our guests fully immerse into the Tamarindo lifestyle, as well as provide a mentoring program for up-and-coming Mexican photographers. He will also document his year in Tamarindo, focusing on the evolving research projects and nature timelines of our 3,000 acre (1,200 hectare) private natural reserve by working closely with the Resort’s biologist and scientists. Through his discerning eyes, he will encapsulate these moments through photography, culminating in a year-end exhibition, where the Resort will feature some of his work from his year in residence.

Follow Mauricio’s adventures on Instagram at @mauricioramosvm.