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Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

  • 1-11-1 Pacific Century Place, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6277, Japan

Patrick Thibaud

Executive Pastry Chef

“Being a pastry chef in Japan is an absolute pleasure, thanks to the availability of incredible ingredients and the focus on mastering each and every technique.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2022
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Hotel W Osaka (with Pierre Hermé Paris), Osaka, Japan; Hotel New Otani (with Pierre Hermé Paris), Tokyo, Japan; Pierre Hermé Paris, Tokyo, Japan; Pierre Hermé Paris, Paris, France; Confectionary Christian Boillat, Saint-Prex, Switzerland; Territorial Infantry Force (military service), Bière, Switzerland; Patisserie GourmanDises, Echallens, Switzerland


  • Federal Certificate as Confectioner & Pastry Cook from the Professional School of Pastry, Montreux, Switzerland


  • Lausanne, Switzerland

Languages Spoken

  • French, English, Japanese, German

With more than 17 years in the world of haute pastry, Patrick Thibaud brings a finely honed sweet sensibility to Tokyo. Marrying diligent precision with fresh creativity, his pastry-making approach is centred around “the architecture of taste” − a complex yet seamless confluence of multiple flavours and textures that unfold with each bite, keeping the palate engaged and interested.

“Achieving this balance is what makes a dessert truly great,” he says. “The other key element is consistency. Without it, you might make something good once or twice, but something entirely different the next time!”

Growing up near Lausanne, a French-speaking region of Switzerland, young Patrick was fascinated by the cakes, pies and desserts his mother regularly made at home: “My favourite was a simple but beautiful cake flavoured with almonds that my mother would make specially for me.”

The culinary arts were a natural career choice, and pastry, a natural specialization. While completing his diploma from the Professional School of Pastry in Montreux, Patrick apprenticed at a local patisserie where he mastered the fundamentals of his craft. Next, he joined Christian Boillat, an elegant confectionary in Saint-Prex, rising rapidly through the ranks from pastry cook to assistant pastry chef and finally catering chef.

Then came his big break: an opportunity with Pierre Hermé Paris, which would shape his professional journey for the next 11 years and include everything from animation and cooking classes to TV appearances and store openings. He joined the team as a pastry cook for Parisian sweet shoppe Vaugirard, then took on the role of sous chef at Bonaparte. Tokyo came calling next, with a chance to supervise the daily production at the brand’s main production centre in Kasai, followed by a coveted promotion – pastry chef for Pierre Hermé’s very first store in the world, located in a famous Tokyo hotel. In 2021, he was chosen to lead the opening of the brand’s design-themed French café at a five-star hotel in Osaka.

At Four Seasons, Patrick oversees three distinct confectionary concepts. At SÉZANNE, the focus is on sleek visuals, premium ingredients and clean flavours to complement Daniel Calvert’s award-winning cuisine, while at MAISON MARUNOUCHI, it is all about “the French connection” – classical desserts reimagined with playful touches and interactive elements.

The seasonally inspired offerings at Afternoon Tea are woven around a refined interpretation of kawaii, a quintessentially Japanese aesthetic of whimsical charm. Across outlets, each dessert experience tells a story, be it a tale of ingredients and origins, a conjuring of sensations, or an immersive sense of place.

Patrick finds the entire process of bringing a new idea to life deeply satisfying, from brainstorming and recipe-testing to working together with his team to deliver a dessert that evokes smiles of delight and wonder.

Working in Japan has been a dream come true for Patrick, who felt the country’s tug ever since he was a child. Growing up in Switzerland, he learned karate, was obsessed with Ghibli movies and had an impressive collection of J-pop. “Even after nearly a decade here, every day brings a new discovery,” he says with a smile. “Being a pastry chef in Japan is an absolute pleasure, thanks to the availability of incredible ingredients and the focus on mastering each and every technique.”

Even during his leisure hours, this chef loves to cook, whipping up his popular Pasta Flambé and homemade pizza for friends. His other passion is the movies, from nuanced dramas and thought-provoking biographies to American classics and international documentaries.

Last but certainly not least, Patrick is a long-distance runner. His idea of a holiday well spent? Completing an obstacle trail race or a marathon. “The sense of achievement I get at the finish line of a marathon is indescribable. In fact, it’s a lot like successfully creating a brand-new pastry!”