3 Reasons to Take a Babymoon Before the Stork Arrives

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One thing that can get lost in the flurry of activity before your baby’s arrival is the importance of spending quality time with your partner.

“It’s so important for couples to have time to connect before two becomes three (or more!),” explains Life Balance Counselor Julie Frumin. “It’s hard to anticipate exactly how your lives will change after having a baby, but a universal truth is that new parents have less time for themselves and each other at first, just by nature of how much care and attention is focused on baby. Frumin adds, “A babymoon gives couples some time away from the rest of the world so they can enter this new phase of their lives rested and connected.”

3 Reasons to Take a Babymoon

Here are some reasons to consider taking a babymoon during pregnancy.

1. It lets you take a much-needed breather

It might feel like you don’t have time for a vacation, but getting away, even for a night, can make a world of difference in your stress levels. Simply getting away from work and well-meaning (but sometimes overbearing) friends and family can allow you to relax and breathe again.

2. It allows couples to reconnect

Bringing a baby into your life will inevitably cause some changes to your relationship. Having time alone before the baby arrives gives couples a chance to remind themselves of their shared love for each other and their commitment to parenting together. This can be a great time to talk about your hopes and dreams for the future.

3. It’s an excellent time to explore somewhere new

Millions of parents find ways to travel with their children. However, there’s no denying that travelling with a baby significantly differs from travelling without kids. So, this is a great time to explore somewhere that isn’t necessarily baby or kid-friendly.

Some couples use this time to explore another country on an elaborate adventure. Others may want to be more active. Still, others enjoy the time to sit and enjoy the peaceful quiet. Regardless of your vacation style, talk to your doctor before travelling. If you plan on flying, schedule your babymoon before your third trimester.

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