Zsa Zsa Meets Her Match: Two Iconic Cocktails Tangle at Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Glamorous and unapologetically herself, the namesake of Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island’s signature bar Zsa Zsa Gabor was the embodiment of celebrity. With a storied film career and infamous personal life her character sets the stage for Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive and luxurious hideaway. At the heart of it all is bold mixology for those who value the finer things in life, including legendary Four Seasons service. It is with that in mind that Restaurant Manager Houssam Ouahid and his team of expert mixologists have crafted two iconic beverages to charm the woman or man of your dreams. Find your perfect match tonight in our luxurious lobby bar, Zsa Zsa.

Where is your heart? I left it in Moulin Rouge

The moment he saw Zsa Zsa he could not take his eyes off her. Her unapologetic, bubbly personality added zest and vibrance to his life. He had to have her because nobody could live up to her elegance. He left his heart with her in Moulin Rouge that night when he saw her across the bar. Dressed in a show-stopping scarlet dress and sparkling with diamonds, it was love at first sight. The essence of luxury is in the intangibles. It is elevating every moment with flair, craftsmanship, and personality the way only you know how.  “Your special someone is sure to fall for this carefully crafted cocktail that celebrates the inspiration behind our signature lounge. With three seemingly simple ingredients our Moulin Rouge elevates every evening with class from the nuanced flavours of Aperol, brightness of sparkling wine, and boldness from a touch of lime,” says Ouahid.

A touch of evil is a match made in heaven

In a world with endless choices, how could you ever possibly find one person and one cocktail to celebrate life’s greatest moments? Known for her series of marriages, Zsa Zsa could never find that perfect match – until now. Who is your ideal man? He has depth, with a strong, formidable exterior, and a touch of fire. But at his core he is sweet, caring, and can handle every aspect of your personality with smoothness and a sense of relaxed elegance. It is in this spirit that Restaurant Manager Houssam Ouahid has crafted the The Touch of Evil. “This cocktail is the ideal counterpart to the Moulin Rouge. It blends a bold base of smooth yet smokey whiskeys with the brightness of apple juice, acidity of lime, and luscious sweetness of maple syrup.”

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