Ramadan, We Love! at Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano

March 12, 2024,
Alexandria, Egypt

When the sun sets down to melt with the sea horizon, everything in the city starts to settle, breathe, and take a moment. It is the Ramadan, We Love!

The importance of Ramadan lies in its value in the religious context. It was the month that the Qurʾān, the Islam holy book, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. It is the month of fasting, giving and sharing.

As the years evolved, with all this modernization, Ramadan also offered high importance for many other aspects. It is the month for families to find each other to reconnect, socialize and have Iftar together around the same table at the same time. When hectic day-to-day life brings stress to our lifestyle, during this month, people start to relax, detox and reunite themselves on a spiritual level. Some start or increase their exercise schedule. In Alexandria, a walk before Iftar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular, especially with warm sunny weather like nowadays. The list of benefits related to the Holy Month of Ramadan is endless.  

Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano brings the Ramadan, We Love to one place. The team works together to fill the space with this spirit of love and togetherness for guests to experience in every corner.

The chefs pour their passion into hearty buffets and menus to bring the family together at Kala and Byblos restaurants. Chef Wael Essam tantalizes the dishes with a local spirit of Alexandria, while Chef Essam Arabu brings the authentic taste of Levantine to the table, and together they create a well-crafted Ramadan Iftar.

For chit-chat and creating new memories, Sohour time shares the mood for this Ramadan night tradition, where guests can head to the Shisha Lounge to continue their experience with an a la carte menu with local favourites, delicious Ramadan drinks and flavoursome shisha.

On the other hand, one can seek to find time for self-rejuvenation, in this case, guests are welcome to visit the Spa on the 4th Floor, a relaxation haven where steam, sauna, whirlpools, and heated indoor pool all await guests to escape and rejoice.

For the ultimate experience, guests can indulge in the Ramadan, We Love at Spa. It is an offer to enjoy a complimentary 30-minute back massage when booking any of the Phytomer facials or HydraFacial treatments.

Alexandria is well-known for its magical sunsets over the Mediterranean that capture the heart and soul. The sound of the waves while watching the sun go down is truly one of the most enchanting experiences during Ramadan to reflect and connect in a serene and calm atmosphere. Guests can explore this charming getaway with the Ramadan Escape package and enjoy 15 percent off the room rate and 15 percent on Kala Iftar.