Sweeter Than Honey at Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Texas Hotel celebrates annual Viva Abejas campaign to inspire the next generation through sustainability

April 11, 2024,
Austin, U.S.A

Ciclo at Four Seasons Hotel Austin announces the return of Viva Abejas ("long live bees"), a collaborative campaign with Chef Richard Sandoval that focuses on the significance of bees in the food cycle. Acknowledging that one in every three bites of food depends on bees for pollination, the Hotel invites guests to enjoy a limited-time menu of bee-centric food and drinks through April 22, 2024.

Restaurant Specials and Touchpoints

During this month-long spring campaign, guests can expect dishes that incorporate local bee pollen, honey, and other bee-dependent ingredients. Featured items range from cocktails such as The Beekeeper - a single malt whiskey infused with rosemary ginger and of course, honey - to dishes such as coconut ceviche and duck confit tacos.

The Viva Abejas specials menu also serves as an educational piece to help spread awareness topic with a list of resources to continue to support long after the dish has left the table. Additionally, guests who order from the featured menu will receive a hang tag made from wildflower seeds, which can be taken home to plant and further rejuvenate the bee population.

Education and Philanthropy

In addition to a portion of proceeds benefiting The World Bee Project, the campaign aims to educate the next generation on the importance of bees and how they can “bee the change” for a more sustainable future. To kick off the collaboration, the Hotel invited a group of 30 first graders to get a first-hand look at sustainability in action and enjoy an afternoon with Chef Richard Sandoval.

The students toured the Hotel kitchen with Four Seasons Hotel Austin Executive Chef Elmar Prambs and spent time with the Hotel team. Additionally, they experienced a read-aloud and cooking class as Chef Sandoval shared his first children’s book, Viva Abejas. The Hotel has also partnered with the elementary school to provide a classroom set of books and continued sustainability curriculum complete with buzzing activities.

Four Seasons Hotel Austin is committed to preserving and regenerating the environment and leaving an enduring impact on the local community in various ways ranging from new technologies and waste reduction to improving purchasing practices. A list of all current initiatives can be found on the Hotel’s sustainability page.

To learn more about Viva Abejas, or to make a reservation visit the Hotel’s website.