Two Restaurants at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Retain Prestigious Black Pearl Awards for Five Consecutive Years

A celebration of authentic artisanal gourmet cuisine

February 11, 2023,
Beijing, China

On February 9, the 2023 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide was officially released on Meituan and Dianping. Chinese restaurant Cai Yi Xuan and Italian restaurant Mio at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing have retained their Diamond awards for the fifth consecutive year. Both restaurants received one Diamond award each, an affirmation of their outstanding culinary standards by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide.

The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide is not just made up of a group of master chefs, renowned food critics and gastronomes who curate and publish China’s top-ranking cuisines, but it also strives to take the lead in establishing China’s culinary benchmarks, enhance confidence and pride in Chinese culture, and enable food connoisseurs in China and the rest of the world to experience the enchantment and joys of gastronomy.

 “We are incredibly honoured to have received the recognition from The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide and this is the fifth consecutive year for Four Seasons Hotel Beijing to receive the prestigious awards,” General Manager Lily Wong says. “Regardless of whether it is at Mio or Cai Yi Xuan, the entire team is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality products and services. In the upcoming years ahead, we look forward to the challenge of crafting extraordinary gastronomy experiences and continuing to embrace the spirit of innovation. The awards by The Black Pearl Restaurant Guide serve as a great encouragement to the entire team, and they are especially meaningful, given the incredible challenges and obstacles that they have had to overcome. We are extremely proud of them.”

True to its name, Mio – “my” in Italian, presents a vibrant yet relaxing ambience for dining. The bright and spacious open-kitchen concept is a unique highlight of the restaurant, affording its master chefs boundless imagination and endless culinary possibilities. Using fresh and season ingredients, Mio presents different culinary adventures by refreshing its menu regularly and introducing new dishes that are customized according to the different seasons. To ensure the authentic taste of its culinary creations, Mio only uses flour that is specially imported from Naples, the “birthplace of pizza,” and other ingredients such as smoked ham and meat are sourced from other parts of Italy. Additionally, the restaurant’s pasta and tortellini are all made from Italian flour. The warm and friendly service and ambience creates an irresistible allure for guests to immerse in a relaxing setting and memorable experience.

Embracing the ethos of the “Art of Gastronomy,” the charming Cai Yi Xuan presents authentic Cantonese cuisine with premium ingredients, served from the heart. With more than 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Li Qiang specializes in using fresh ingredients and innovative culinary methods to reinterpret traditional Cantonese recipes to tantalize the taste buds of connoisseurs. He is committed to the fullest expression of China’s food culture in his culinary creations. From the exquisite foie gras dim sum to the black garlic stewed fish maw, his boundless creativity is a delight for guests who stand to enjoy the fruits of his artistic labour.