Exquisite Summer Flavours: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Invites Guests on a Summer Culinary Journey

July 8, 2024,
Beijing, China

As the summer sun casts a golden glow through verdant canopies and gentle breezes whisper among the leaves, Four Seasons Hotel Beijing invites guests to escape the heat and indulge in a culinary celebration of the season. With each dish crafted to encapsulate the essence of summer, guests can look forward to a culinary experience that promises to delight and refresh.

Cai Yi Xuan

A Taste of Summer · Timeless Classics

Discover the essence of Cantonese cuisine with a summer feast at Cai Yi Xuan, a one Michelin star and Black Pearl One-Diamond restaurant for five consecutive years. Chef de Cuisine Li Qiang selects exquisite ingredients from various regions to create seasonal Cantonese delicacies, unlocking intricate flavours through creative interpretations.

Soothe the scorching summer heat with cold marinated treasures, a dish that tantalises the palate with unique marinated flavours. Enjoy the fiery stir-fry of pine crab paired with shrimp rice rolls, adding a touch of authentic Cantonese taste. Indulge in the night blooming cereus crab meat winter melon soup, where the sweetness of crab and the herbal notes of night-blooming cereus blend harmoniously. Finish the meal with traditional seasonal desserts such as the peanut red bean cake, paired with a refreshing cup of tea to dissipate the summer heat.


A Celebration of Black Truffle

This summer, Mio Italian Restaurant unveils a limited-time black truffle tasting menu, offering guests a chance to savour the rare and aromatic delicacy. Each dish is meticulously prepared to highlight the rich, earthy flavours of black truffle, creating a memorable dining experience.

Delight in the truffle egg, where tender eggs meet the robust aroma of black truffle and crisp asparagus for a refreshing twist. The yellowfin tuna, accented with pearl rice and black truffle, offers a harmonious blend of flavours. The Iberian pork tenderloin, paired with sweet and tangy plum sauce, captures the essence of summer’s freshness. This special tasting menu starts at CNY 220.

Additionally, the weekday summer lunch menu has been refreshed to feature seasonal dishes, continuing the restaurant’s tradition of exceptional dining. Enjoy a three-course lunch for CNY 298 per person or a four-course lunch for CNY 388 per person.

The Spa

Summer Rejuvenation

Amid the city's hustle, discover a serene sanctuary where skin can bask in luxurious care. The Spa offers a rejuvenating escape, allowing guests to emerge radiant and refreshed for the summer season.

Featuring treatments by the prestigious French skincare brand Biologique Recherche, known for its pure and effective skincare solutions, The Spa’s summer facial treatment penetrates deeply to cool and revitalize skin. Combining traditional techniques with modern innovations, these facials promote deep relaxation and luminous skin.

From now until the end of the season, guests can enjoy a 75-minute Biologique Recherche summer facial at The Spa on the 6th floor. With a purchase of two treatments, guests are entitled to a third complimentary treatment session, at a net price of CNY 5750 (original price: CNY 8525).