“FSheroes” of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, Breaking Boundaries with Every Bite

February 20, 2024,
Bengaluru, India

Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru invites all patrons to the latest edition of “FSheroes, Breaking Boundaries with Every Bite,” to experience a showcase of delectable gastronomy featuring some of India’s most inspiring women chefs and nutritionists. This month-long affair, starting February 29, 2024 onwards, is a celebration of women who have carved their path in the world against all odds and pays homage to the remarkable contributions of these “sheroes.”

From February 29 till March 20, 2024, CUR8, the Hotel’s all-day modern kitchen-style dining room and outdoor terrace, becomes ground zero for three home chefs presenting their signature cuisines and dishes through the lens of their singular achievements.

Kicking off the festivities is Specialty and Regional Home Chef Rachna Prasad, delighting palates with the flavours of Bihari cuisine from February 29 to March 2 Rachna is on a mission to showcase the diverse culinary heritage of Bihar and to let people experience the deliciousness of its cuisine first hand. Winner of the Notable HomeChef of India award and known for consistently impressing clients with delectable dishes and innovative food presentations, Rachna believes that there is a distinction between cooking and cooking with passion, creativity, and love.

Following suit is Joyadrita Chaterjee, captivating taste buds with the richness of Bengali cuisine from March 7 to 9. Joyadrita has been running a Bengali food weekend takeaway service from her home kitchen in Chennai, with a wide use of mustard oil and seeds, saltwater and freshwater fishes and varied leafy green vegetables marking the fundamentals of this delicious cuisine. But no matter where she plies her trade, Chatterjee is quite strict about ensuring one thing: that her dishes have flavours and taste similar to what they would have back in her native Kolkata.

Finally, from March 14 to 16, prepare to be enchanted by Dilnawaz Fardoon Karkaria as she takes guests on a culinary voyage through Parsi cuisine. Since embarking on her culinary journey in 2009, Dilnawaz’s standout creations such as the Mutton Dhansak, Chicken Farcha, and Dal-ni-Pori have become household favourites particularly during Navroz celebrations, and have garnered widespread acclaim.

But the celebration doesn’t end there. Starting this March, Infuse Spa at Four Seasons Bengaluru partners with renowned holistic nutritionist Gayathri Iyer. With a wealth of expertise in functional blood analysis, holistic diagnostics, botanical knowledge, and integrative protocol design, Gayathri brings a 360-degree wellness program that harmonizes perfectly with the spa's signature treatments and rituals. Discover the power of optimal nutrition with Gayathri's approach that emphasizes the fusion of diet, herbal remedies, and unique scientific yet holistic practices to revolutionize health. Through her singular achievements and evidence-based methods, Gayathri offers invaluable insights into wellness and balance at every level.

“Four Seasons is known for its spirit of innovation and creativity. With initiatives like FSheroes, we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of women who have defied stereotypes and broken barriers in their field, offering guests an elevating and distinctive experience,” says Reuben Kataria, General Manager of Four Seasons Bengaluru. “We invite guests to join us in this celebration honouring all women and their calibre with flair, flavour and health.”

The menus of FSheroes, Breaking Boundaries with Every Bite is provided along with the buffet spread during lunch and dinner at CUR8.

  • Bihari cuisine by #FShero Rachana Prasad - February 29 to March 2, 2024
  • Bengali cuisine by #FShero Joyadrita Chaterjee - March 7 to 9, 2024
  • Parsi cuisine by #FShero Dilnawaz Fardoon Karkaria - March 14 to 16, 2024
  • Reservations at CUR8: +91 76191 46004
  • Reservations at Infuse Spa: +91 96064 87959