Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru Launches New Menu Inspired by Botanical Brilliance – “Folium: Chapter 1”

May 6, 2024,
Bengaluru, India

In the heart of Bengaluru's vibrant bar scene, Copitas is a sanctuary for cocktail enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Crowning jewel of the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, the award-winning bar has now unveiled its latest ode to botanical artistry: Folium: Chapter 1.

Inspired by nature's lush offerings, Folium: Chapter 1 is a masterpiece of a menu that celebrates the botanical brilliance of leaves with its dedication to sustainability and hyperlocal ingredients, all while pushing the boundaries of mixology. Showcasing the beauty, diversity, and vitality of leaves, each drink from Folium: Chapter 1 dives into a treasure trove of local ingredients, weaving them into cocktails that are as eco-friendly as they are delicious.

At the helm of this leafy affair is the visionary Bar Manager at Copitas, Jonas Vittur, a globe-trotting mixologist hailing from South Tyrol with a flair for innovation. Jonas's journey, dotted with experiences from elite bars worldwide, infuses Copitas with a spirit of creativity and excellence, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of mixology echoes Four Seasons dedication to unparalleled service.

To elevate this journey through the flavours of Folium: Chapter 1, Copitas presents a curated collection of elegant glassware, each piece designed to enhance the sensory experience of these botanical libations. Holding the #38 spot on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list, awarded Best Hotel Bar in India and ranked #4 among the 30 Best Bars of India, the lush surroundings at Copitas - adorned with cascading shrubs and potted herbs - imbue the space with an unmatched natural charm.

The menu features a range of signature cocktails inspired by whimsical pairings from the plant kingdom. The Banana Leaf cocktail is a spicy tropical delight transporting patrons to sun-kissed shores. Those seeking a bold choice can indulge in the Pine Needle, whereas the Leaf Martini reinvents a classic while celebrating simplicity and sophistication in every sip.

Folium: Chapter 1 at Copitas beckons those with an appreciation for the extraordinary. Whether a seasoned mixology enthusiast or simply someone seeking a unique experience, Folium is a selection where every cocktail is a story waiting to be told in the embrace of nature.