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Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru at Embassy ONE

  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Wong Chin Sheong

Chinese Chef
“For me, sharing good food with those who matter is the greatest form of celebration.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2021
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: current

Employment History

  • JW Marriott New Delhi; Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai; Ibis, Kuala Lumpur; Hotel Maya, Kuala Lumpur; Tai Thong Odeon, Kuala Lumpur; Oversea, Kuala Lumpur


  • Culinary Certification from Ku Su Shin Choong Hung

Languages Spoken

  • English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin

In the early 1980s there was one Asian chef who was creating ripples on public television in the United States. Bringing in loads of good cheer and a generous dose of Chinese cooking techniques, Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook was winning hearts steadily.

This had a tremendous impact on young Wong Chin Sheong, or Chef Sean Wong as he later came to be known as. He idolised this energetic man wielding his cleaver and wok spatula while spreading magic from the Chinese culinary world.  Truly, if “Yan can cook, so can I. All it would take would be some tips and tricks and truckloads of panache,” thought Chef Wong, about the man who introduced scores of people to the wonders of Chinese flavours.

Looking closely, one cannot miss that same quiet confidence in Chef Wong, even when busy in the throes of operation on a bustling evening at Far & East at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru. His style is deft and calm, with a keen pulse on guest satisfaction.

Chef Wong’s formative years started in his home country of Malaysia in two well-known restaurants, Oversea and Tai Thong Odeon in Kuala Lumpur, which was where he perfected his culinary foundation.  He then went on to gain hotel experience with brands such Accor, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts and Marriott International. His first international tryst was with Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai in 2015. “I was miles away from home but it was so heartening to see droves of Chinese cuisine fans. It was wonderful to have satisfied diners return for more,” says Chef Wong, reminiscing about the binding power of great food.  

Chef Wong comes from a family of chefs. Both his brother and brother-in-law are chefs and it is a definite riot when the family gathers for a potluck lunch on Chinese New Year, he recalls. “For me, sharing good food with those who matter is the greatest form of celebration.”

In his current role at Far & East, Chef Wong’s aim is to create an experience that is authentic yet playful. Simple yet intriguing. “I was bowled over when I first arrived here. It has such a remarkable sense of place,” says he, while running an admiring glance around the darkish surrounds of the restaurant on the Hotel’s coveted Level 21, punctuated with wild orange accents and a touch of whimsy.