Four Seasons Sunday Brunch: 6 Reasons You Just Can’t Miss Brunch at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India

When it comes to weekend pastimes in Bengaluru, brunch is easily the winner, hands down.

The city’s darling meal is best enjoyed in the pleasing outdoors, with friends and family surrounding the table and hours going uncounted.

A melting pot of flavours, this glorious medley churned out lovingly by our chefs at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is known to have nearly 150 dishes in total on offer.

Here are 6 great reasons to come back for more:

1. Dining alfresco on a sunny-breezy day is an enticing dream that many have fallen for, when in the city. The famed Bengaluru weather is a winner any day, and we didn’t say it first. Add to it a festive vibe of sorts, reframed with sculpted greens and a merry, live band, and you simply can’t ask for anything better to sign the week off.

2. Intriguing flavour inspirations and an imaginative brush stroke make the chefs go off on a creative spin every single week. Delicious unfussy food, garden fresh salads, grills straight off the fire, pasta, pizza and everything in between including sushi, shawarma, chaats and a full scale, indulgent Dessert Bar, which is very often fashioned to entice with seductive new themes such as Underwater, Ferrari and more. Not just a feast of taste but also a treat for the eyes – and totally Instagrammable.

3. Best child-friendly brunch in town with a full scale kids’ area - replete with bouncy castle, seesaw, magician, ball pool, origami, face painting and a whole lot more to keep the tiny tots busy.

4. The live music keeps you grooving and tapping your feet as you just can’t miss the jivey, holiday-ish vibes all around.

5. We wanted to think beyond Mimosas, so our mixologists took the brief quite seriously. Expect the unexpected with our range of creative craft cocktails to set the tone. Because, why should Sunday Brunch be all about the food?

6. And talking of food, there’s absolutely no hiding the fact that we are partial to culinary excellence, but also to exceptional quality. The world cheese selection is inspired by a fromagerie and features gems such as artisanal Brie, Provolone, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano and Camembert, best enjoyed with a range of accompaniments such as apricot, prunes, walnuts, honey or lightly spiced homemade pickles and compote. The Seafood Bar is another standout with fresh catch, shrimps, cured salmon, and often, freshly shucked oysters.

  • When: Every Sunday
  • Where: At CUR8, Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru
  • Prices: Sunday Brunch without alcohol: INR 2800+ taxes per person; Sunday Brunch with alcohol: INR 4900+ taxes per person
  • For reservations to Sunday Brunch, call +91 7619146004.