Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel Introduces Live Beam Holograms into the Hotel’s Penthouse and Presidential Suites

The first to offer this advanced technology in-room, The Proto M is certain to elevate the guest experience
April 15, 2024,
Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, USA

Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel is elevating the next generation of travel by incorporating hologram technology into the Hotel’s Penthouse and Presidential Suites. This legendary property is the first in the industry to incorporate such technology into the guest room to provide exemplary and anticipatory customer service.

The M is a portable, tabletop holographic communications device from Los Angeles-based Proto, the world’s first and only holographic communications platform. The device allows for the Hotel’s exceptional Guest Experience team, who specialize in providing bespoke and memorable experiences for guests, to live beam directly into the room.

“We are elated to provide our guests with yet another way to communicate with us. Based on the guest preference, we can communicate in person, through Four Seasons Chat, text, a call and now by beaming via hologram into their room,” says Director of Guest Experience Serge Sturbois. Whether guests want to connect from the comfort of the Penthouse’s state-of-the-art media room, while enjoying breakfast in the Beverly Presidential’s dining room, or relaxing in the Wilshire Presidential’s spacious living room, the portal device is sized to fit the guest’s lifestyle.

Guests will designate a time in which a Guest Experience team member will live beam into the room. From there, both Beverly Wilshire staff and guest will be able to see each other and communicate in real time to review the day’s itinerary, capabilities within the suite and so much more. Proto Hologram communication is in use by Fortune 500 companies, top universities and Hollywood studios already – and has been shown to increase the quality of conversation significantly over flat screen video solutions.

Known as a Beverly Hills hotel with a robust history, Beverly Wilshire has never strayed away from offering new and exciting advancements to its discerning travellers.

“That’s why so many guests stay with us. They know we provide our guests with the latest in technology, experiences and design,” says Reed Kandalaft, Regional Vice President and General Manager.  “Introducing The M is yet another way we continue to pioneer in this ever-evolving landscape.”

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