MÚZSA, the Art Nouveau Cocktail Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, Introduces Its New Menu Inspired by Modern Art

The MÚZSA bartenders pay tribute to iconic figures of modern art with its latest luxury cocktail creations

April 29, 2024,
Budapest, Hungary

MÚZSA's cocktail creations and dishes are inspired by Art Nouveau and the city's Golden Age. Budapest's most beautiful bar is located in Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, a building that became the city's most vibrant cultural venue in the early 20th century, serving as a popular meeting place for artists and the aristocracy. The luxury craft cocktails served in exceptional surroundings transport guests to a world of elegance, discovery, and inspiration.

This time, the eternal muse turns her attention to the realm of modern art and invites guests to a cross-era journey that engages all the senses.

From Eternal Love to Underground Creations – Nine Exceptional Cocktail Creations

Each cocktail on MÚZSA bar’s Modern Art menu pays homage to an eternal, defining work of art - pieces that boldly challenged norms and inspired new forms of expression in their respective eras. Drawing inspiration from pop art, surrealism, mythology, rebellion, and self-expression, these nine eclectic craft cocktail creations reflect the spirit of the artists behind them. Crafted with a variety of spirits, these cocktails blend international trends with local ingredients, bridging the past and present while balancing familiar harmonies with surprising, tantalizing flavours. They showcase the exceptional creativity of MÚZSA's bartenders.

“Crafting cocktails for our'Modern Art menu is a homage to the timeless power of creativity. Each drink is a canvas, reflecting the daring spirit of artists who reshaped our perceptions. From the vibrant hues of pop art to the surreal depths of mythology, our cocktails invite you on a journey through history and imagination,” says Head Bartender Anett Schurina.

The cocktail MIMOUCHE brings to life the world of Henri Matisse, with nods to his decoupage creations and his beloved cats, whom he pampered with brioche. UNTITLED transports guests back to New York in the 1980s, evoking the era of underground art, iconic murals, and the spirit of Keith Haring. Gustav Klimt's theme of eternal love fills the paired cocktail LOVER & BELOVED, while ILLUSION, inspired by Victor Vasarely, leads guests into a labyrinth of senses as a master of illusions.

FAME opens the door to Andy Warhol's pop art universe, with each ingredient symbolizing or playfully referencing his works. Jeff Koons' stainless-steel balloon animals and the wonder of childhood are transformed into a single sparkling cocktail in a creation called POP! The PRADOXON cocktail pays tribute to the genius of René Magritte, presenting the iconic green apple in a range of textures to create an unusual harmony of flavours.

The symbolic imagery and passion of Frida Kahlo come to life in the Margarita-style cocktail VALENCIA, while ETHEREAL transports guests into Chagall's realm of dreams and memories, depicted through leaded glass.

Alongside the Modern Art collection, MÚZSA offers creative non-alcoholic cocktails and a taste of the world's largest publicly available collection of Tokaj aszú.

A Rendezvous of Cocktails and Asian Flavours

Executive Chef Árpád Győrffy creates a perfect harmony of local ingredients and Asian flavours with his tapas-style bar dishes, perfect for sharing. Choose from iconic options such as Grilled Wagyu Steak, Peking Duck Dumplings, or Homemade Bao Bun.

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