Top 5 Moroccan Dishes to Taste in Ramadan

Casablanca, Morocco

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca recommends the best dishes to try during Ramadan:

Harira - Sample this traditional tomato-based Moroccan soup served with a side of dates and chebakiya, a honey sweet Moroccan delicacy. Traditionally slurped with a wooden spoon, harira contains vermicelli, small pieces of lamb, chickpeas and a mix of Moroccan spices such Ras al hanout in a comforting appetizer to break your fast. And if you want to feel like a local, tickle your tastebuds by adding small zest of lemon to the soup.

Msemen - Msemen is a square-shaped crepe formed of thin layers made of flour and semolina. Of Berber origin, msemen takes its name from the verb ⵙⵎⵏⴻⵏⵉ (semneni) meaning “to stack.” Savour the crispiness of the external layer unveiling the chewy internal part and indulge in a well-rounded authentic experience - a true culinary heritage of Moroccan natives.

Baghrir - From the Berber root ⴱⵖⵔ, BƔR, baghrir is a spongy pancake with a one-of-a kind particularity. Its surface, layered with small holes, is usually spread with olive oil, jam or honey making it a fluffy treat for the eyes and the tastebuds. A symbol of abundance, birth and prosperity, baghrir is originally prepared during North African festivities as an auspicious ritual.

Harcha - With its crumbly texture and its round-shape, harcha is one of the most consumed dishes during Ramadan. Meaning “rough” or “coarse” in Moroccan dialect, its name refers to semolina, the main ingredient used in the recipe.  For a well-rounded palate experience, relish in a flavourful cup of mint tea accompanied with a sweet or savoury drizzling on your harcha such as cheese, amlou or butter.

Briouates - Briouates are Moroccan crispy finger-food stuffed with chicken, ground beef or cheese. Shaped in a triangular or a cylindrical form, they are a pure bliss to the tastebuds and one of the most popular appetizers during Ramadan.