An invitation for storytellers across all mediums and art forms to create with us


Travel has become more about posting pictures and less about embracing being truly present in a moment. Experiences have become commoditized.

We want to change that.

We're inviting the world's best storytellers and artists across all mediums to collaborate with us and connect our guests - and the world - to diverse cultures, places, and experiences, as only Four Seasons can.

We're providing selected storytellers a once-in-a-lifetime personalized travel experience with Four Seasons. We will facilitate your creative journey from start to finish, so that you can experience the beautiful location, the welcoming people, and the rich culture of your travel destination.

Your job is to be the messenger of that experience.

We're asking you - craftspeople, content creators, artists, and storytellers - to be present. To immerse yourselves in Four Seasons hospitality, in our people and in the culture of your travel destination. We're asking you to listen to the language, to embrace the sounds, and to heed the call to explore.

We're asking you to absorb all that you see. And then, to create.

The Envoy experience culminates with the creation of an original work that will share your Four Seasons experience with the world.

Together, we will inspire the world to connect with the authentic experiences offered by Four Seasons that make travel beautiful and transformative.

Are you ready to be an Envoy?


Every Envoy experience is personalized to the individual. We want to know more about you so that we can create a unique travel experience that is exciting, inspiring, and interesting. So we have a few questions about you and your craft.

Please fill out each question thoroughly and completely. Your answers will help us to best assess your fit with this program. Incomplete applications will be dismissed.

We will review every application that comes in. We are focused on choosing Envoys based on the quality of their work and unique ability to craft stories that will resonate with the world and with Four Seasons guests through their chosen medium or art form. Four Seasons Envoy experiences are curated many months in advance.

The application review process consists of an initial online review followed by a phone interview. The review process will generally take 3-4 weeks from when the application is received.

Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot reply to everyone. But trust us: if you fill out this form, we will see it. Still have questions? Below the application, you will find a list of FAQs about the Envoy program. Scroll down before filling out the application.

For problems with submissions, please send an email to envoy@fourseasons.com.

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(Example: painting, dancing, ceramics, photography, writing)



(While we can't accommodate requests for specific locations, feel free to peruse our full list of Four Seasons properties around the world for inspiration.)

(Please also include related travel expenses. For example, include the cost of an extra checked bag to carry essential supplies or equipment.)


By checking this box, you affirm that you are over the age of 21.
By checking this box, you acknowledge that any personal information supplied by you with this submission may be used by Four Seasons Hotels Limited, its affiliates or its third party agencies in connection with the Envoy Program, in accordance with Four Seasons’ privacy policy, located at https://www.fourseasons.com/privacy/. You consent to such use and also agree that we may process your data outside the EEA.



Envoy by Four Seasons is a collaborative program featuring international storytellers and artists across all mediums who will travel to a Four Seasons location and partake in the unique offerings and experiences Four Seasons provides.

Four Seasons will provide 1-3 curated experiences in the location that will put the Envoy in contact with the people and culture of the region.

Most Envoys will stay and work onsite. Four Seasons will provide a workspace for the creation of an original work or piece of art that reflects their experience of the location and the Four Seasons brand. Trip lengths will differ per Envoy and the unique timelines to create within their medium. Average trip lengths will be 4-6 days.

The original work, inspired by the Envoy's stay, will be showcased in a variety of contexts: works may be publicly displayed in the hotel and/or as part of brand events and activations, in addition to being featured on the brand's digital and social media channels.


Envoy opportunities are open to individuals 21+ years of age who show a strong professional working history and mastery of their craft or art form.

A wide variety of disciplines will be considered for Envoy, such as painters, muralists, kite designers, basket weavers, spoken word artists, paper and light sculptors, watercolor sketchers, dancers, ceramicists, and more. Small collaborative groups are eligible to apply. Please note, Four Seasons is only able to accommodate 2 storytellers to attend the Envoy opportunity.

Artists enrolled in an academic program during the time of the Envoy opportunity are not eligible to apply.

Four Seasons is committed to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and/or disability. For special needs or questions about accessibility, please contact envoy@fourseasons.com.


Four Seasons will cover the costs of airfare, ground transportation to and from the airport, food, materials, and the experiences provided. Fees related to visa processes or passport acquisition are the responsibility of the Envoy.


Four Seasons retains the physical work and/or copies of digital works. Envoys may receive a copyright fee to compensate for the perpetual use of their original work. Four Seasons may use the work within hotel locations and across their marketing campaigns.


Four Seasons recognizes that different mediums require different amounts of time. Four Seasons will work with each Envoy to establish a timeline that is workable for both parties.


Four Seasons will only be covering the costs of each Envoy. Guest participation in any of the experiences provided will be considered on a case by case basis, so as not to impact the creative process.


Four Seasons will provide Envoys with thematic considerations to guide them in the creation of their work to ensure that their art is both authentic and aligned with Four Seasons brand values.