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Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

  • Mae Rim-Samoeng Old Road, 50180 Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    April 1995

    Anthony Gill
Physical Features

Total Number of Rooms: 99

  • Pavilions: 64
  • Pool Villas: 12
  • Private Residence Rentals: 23
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Design Aesthetic:

  • Lanna Kingdom style blends regional cultures of Burma, India and China
  • Resort layout reminiscent of a Thai village, with pavilions surrounding a working rice farm


  • Chiang Mai Architects Collaborative (resort facilities, pavilions)
  • Bunnag Architects (residence rooms, spa)
  • Bensley Design Group Studios (cooking school)

Interior Designer(s): ABACUS Design Co. Ltd.

History: Opened 1995, rebranded as Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai in 2003


  • Located in the lush Mae Rim Valley overlooking Doi Suthep Mountain range
  • 30-minute drive from Chiang Mai International Airport at the North of Chiang Mai city
  • Set in 13 hectares (32 acres) of extensively landscaped gardens and rice terraces which feature two small lakes, lily ponds, waterfalls and a working rice farm, complete with its own family of water buffalo
Wara Cheewa Spa

Interior Designer: Bunnag Architects (Bangkok)

Number of Treatment Rooms: 7

Director of Spa: Gemma Abad

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Design Aesthetic:

  • Inspired by a northern Thai temple in the ancient Lanna Kingdom style
  • Design elements of mythical serpents create a protected area according to local tradition
  • Dramatic palette of maroon, gold leaf, black and white, featuring commissioned artwork and sculptures
  • Combination of indoor/outdoor treatment areas for natural atmosphere

Signature Treatments:

  • Rice & Spice Scrub: Used by rice farmers for generations, this sensuous combination of earthy herbs and spices – blended by hand in othe Spa kitchen – exfoliates skin, warms muscles and boosts circulation to leave guests glowing with health.
  • Silk Samunprai: Poultices filled with hot medicinal herbs open the pores and soothe the muscles in a modernised take on a traditional Thai treatment.
  • Spirit of Freedom Couple’s Ritual: Unite with a significant other and immerse in the rhythms of Thailand with this expressive, flowing ritual that celebrates the healing properties of water and its role in the lush nature of Northern Thailand. Surrender to waves of wellbeing as nourishing oils of jasmine, patchouli, rose and sandalwood combine with a lymphatic scrub and powerfully cleansing Vichy shower. Great year round but especially recommended during green season.
  • Oriental Blend Massage: Discover complete rejuvenation for both skin and energy levels with this pressure-point massage based on traditional Oriental energy meridians. With hydrating aromatic oils and gentle revitalising techniques.

Special Treatment for children:

  • Silk Touch & Gentle Rose Scrub: Feel the love with this gently smoothing scrub with silk gloves and rose powder.
  • Kids' Thai Massage Class: Discover how Thai stretching and pressure-work can strengthen body and mind.
  • Poultice Class and Massage: Guests invigorate muscles with a ginger and lemongrass poultice that they make themselves.
  • Body Painting and Milky Radiance Bath: Feed the skin with green clay body paint followed by a nourishing soak.

Special Features:

  • Some suites with individual soaking tubs on semi-enclosed salas (terraces)
  • Five suites with private herbal aromatherapy steam rooms
  • Two suites with double rain showers
  • Chakra steam rooms



Executive Chef: Liam Nealon

Locally Sourced Ingredients:

  • Lemongrass, galangal, cilantro, Thai chilli, sweet basil, torch ginger, water lily
  • Makrut limes, fresh coconut milk, Royal Project tomatoes, bai nart, bell peppers, black peppers, artichokes, fennel, white asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, yellow squash, red radishes, fava beans, cardoon, purple cauliflower, zucchini flowers, curly lettuce, lollo rosso, red and green oak-leaf lettuce, escarole, watercress, sorrel, vine leaves, chicory, arugula, Ceylon spinach, horenso
  • Tarragon, rosemary, sage, thyme, lemon thyme, lemon balm, spearmint, bay leaves, oregano, marjoram, fenugreek, chervil, plai
  • Oranges, pomelo, watermelons, pomegranates, kumquats, star fruit, guava, mangoes, longan, papayas, bananas, lychee, pineapples, gooseberries, cashew nuts, banana blossoms, frangipani
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Restaurant: Rim Tai Kitchen

  • Cuisine: Take a northern Thai cooking class or enjoy an elevated, street-food-themed dinner inside the Lanna-style teak house, surrounded by banyan trees
  • Outdoor Seating: 58
  • Designer: Bill Bensley

Restaurant: NORTH by Four Seasons

  • Cuisine:  Grill and wood-fired
  • Open-Air Seating: 52

Restaurant: KHAO by Four Seasons

  • Senior Chef de Cuisine: Anchalee Luadkham
  • Cuisine: Pan-Thai
  • Signature Dishes:
    • Pad Chayote Nem: Wok-fried chayote, fermented pork and cherry tomatoes
    • Tom Yum Kha Moo: Smoky sour soup, roasted pork leg, tamarind, fried garlic
    • Yam Pla Fu: A northern delicacy of crispy local catfish and tangerine
    • Goong Mae Narm Yang: Grilled giant river prawn, seaweed caviar and spicy seafood sauce
  • Indoor Seating: 56 in an air-conditioned room
  • Outdoor Seating: 52
  • Outdoor Seating Under Roof: 12

Restaurant: Rice Barn

  • Cuisine: Thai or international
  • Indoor Seating: 2

Lounge: Khao Bar

  • Cuisine: Thai snacks
  • Indoor Seating: 8
  • Outdoor Seating: 12

Lounge: Ratree Bar and Lounge

  • Cuisine: International snacks
  • Signature Cocktails:
    • Chiang Mai Mule: Stolichnaya, chili, ginger, lime
    • Jim-Let Fox-Trot: Tanqueray, lime, tonic
    • Old City Sunset: pineapple, orange, lychee, rosemary, cardamom, coriander, ginger ale
  • Open-Air Seating: 24

Yoga: Yoga Barn is available from sunrise to sunset for private instruction, meditation or individual yoga sessions

Pools: 2 infinity-edge pools and hot and cold whirlpools by the rice paddies

Health Club: A fully-equipped fitness and exercise studio is available for the health enthusiast, or relax in the sauna or herbal aromatherapy steam rooms; Pilates is also available

Tennis: 2 courts with a professional trainer

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On-site activities:

  • Let’s Talk Wellness - Journey on a path of wellbeing and discover the benefits of holistic health with the Resort's in-house naturopath. Focused on healing from within, these educative sessions range fromnutrition, stress and anxiety management, to sleep therapy.
  • Sunrise Yoga - Rise with the dawn and join the Resort's yogi for a series of asanas (postures) to improve flexibility, strength, alignment and balance. These daily group sessions are ideal for all age groups, wanting to learn about yoga or continue with their regular practice. (Not suitable for pregnant guests)
  • Wheel Yoga - A yoga wheel known as the Dharma Yoga Wheels, were created by Sri Dharma Mittra and his son, Yoga Varuna, to help with a number of different asanas and yoga-inspired exercises. Yoga wheels are great to stretch and release the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, as well as the deep hip flexors and also be used for challenging balance postures.
  • Hatha Yoga - The Resort's skilled yogis gently guide guests through a Hatha yoga class, leaving the mind invigorated and the body aligned.
  • Nature Trails - Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is located in a lush landscaped tropical garden of 40 acres (16 hectares).  The Nature Trail will take guests around the garden filled with amazing local flowers and trees with specific highlights on the Resort’s history, the guardian shrines, the rice farms as well as the water buffalo family.
  • Buffalo Bathing - Stop by the Rice Barn and meet Mr. Tay and Tone, the local charismatic buffalos. Enjoy the thrill of scrubbing down a friendly buffalo as they munch away. Don’t forget cameras as they both love having their picture taken.
  • Body Toning - Resort staff will introduce guests to training equipment and lead a series of muscle toning exercises for the whole body. With high reps and light weights, muscles will be put to through a test of endurance.
  • Muay Thai Lesson - Lanna Muay Thai trains some of the best fighters in Thailand and their trainer is available to give guests a challenging workout they won’t forget.
  • Cardio Tennis - An one-hour, high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of tennis with cardio exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout for player at all levels.
  • TRX Workout - Harness the power of gravity by being suspended in the air to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability by joining the local Total-Body Resistance Training program. Follow this thorough workout by using the same techniques and workouts that the NAVY SEALS developed.
  • Energy Circuit - Training outdoors in a technology-free zone provides a change of scenery from a sweaty gym. It’s time to embrace the sun and get outside while strength training . These workouts are especially fun after a good run when guests can skip the warm up, but they also work well alone. It’s time to get outside and be inspired.
  • Rice Planting - The rice grown at the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai is of the “Sanpatong” variety and takes days to grow from seed to harvest.  It is planted in a staggered harvest so guests can see each stage of growth. The rice is also planted a little farther apart than in a commercial field, to enable appreciation of the stunning sunsets reflected in the rice field.
  • Triple Treat Workout - A fully integrated and high-octane fitness class for abs, glutes and thighs that balances strength with inner tenacity. This workout combines the use of a fit ball with free weights. Can be done outside.
  • Triathlon - Complete a sequence of three endurance and high intensity workouts – swimming, cycling and running, assisted by the Resort's experienced team. The workout can be tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Thai Handcraft Making - Inspired by local creative traditions handed down over generations, canvases for the day are palm fronds folded into unique shapes. Explore a deeper sense of harmony with Thailand’s rich crafts culture as staff shares the art of creating traditional handicrafts with all ages.
  • Trataka Mediation - Bring stillness to the mind and balance activity in the two hemispheres of the brain with trataka, a tantric meditation method that involves staring at a single point, such as a flickering candle. Directing energy to the third eye, trataka improves memory and paves the way for a deeper meditation practice.
  • Surya Namaskar and Yoga Nidra - Discover the art of breathing and a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses, known to have a positive impact on mind and body. Clear blocked energy, improve mental clarity with a guided yogic sleep meditation afterwards.
  • Mediation - Reach deep inside to find your steady compass within the panoptic embrace of our beautiful surroundings. Our dedicated yogi will guide you towards a profound sense of equanimity through a series of easy-to-follow meditation exercises.

Off-Site Activities:

  • Tour De Mae Rim - Cycle through lush paddy fields and mountain ranges around the Resort and enjoy the early morning hum of Mae Rim valley
  • Monk Chat at Temple - Reach within to discover your truth and live a more conscious life over a tête-à-tête with Buddhist monks. Spending time with these spiritual seekers who have dedicated their lives to the deeply harmonious balance of Buddhism will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.


Name of Course: Summit Green Valley Country Club    

  • Date Open: 1990
  • Designer: Dennis Griffiths & Associaites
  • Par: 72
  • Yardage: 7,202
  • Number of Holes: 18
For Younger Guests

La-On Kids Club: Activities include rice planting, Muay Thai for kids, garden tour and garland making, animal puppet making, paper mosaic, Lanna dress up, batik painting, diary book making, animals and insect discovery, sculpture making, umbrella painting, cray pot creation, make a cicada toy, kite making, t-shirt painting

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Meeting Rooms

Total Size: 455 sq m / 4,889 sq ft

Largest Ballroom: 393 sq m / 4,230 sq ft

Meet and Feed Capacity: 130

Banquet Capacity: 230

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Outdoor Banquet Capacity: 150

Private Dining Room Capacity: 150

Unique Meeting and Event Facilities:

  • Main meeting room is residence-style with fountains, outside deck and full kitchen
  • Cooking school for private parties
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Provides scholarships for students at Mae Rim Wittayakom School
  • Annual renovation and repair of local temples
  • Provides local hill tribes with medical supplies and school equipment
  • Annual charity concert in support of local orphanage
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Special Features
  • Fully equipped cooking school
  • A team of 40 full-time gardeners and working water buffalos maintains rice paddies, organic kitchen farm and landscaped gardens
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