Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Announces an Exclusive Partnership with 111SKIN

The pioneering brand brings a range of treatments to the award-winning Wara Cheewa Spa

June 6, 2024,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Boasting a legacy that spans over two decades, the setting of Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai in the countryside of Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim valley is idyllic. Enveloped in glistening rice fields and with mesmerizing views of the indomitable peaks of Doi Suthep, the Resort serves as an oasis of well-being. “Chiang Mai is a deeply cultural and spiritual place, where healing takes place at many levels,” suggests Sean Mosher, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, and Tented Camp Golden Triangle, referring to the natural sanctuary-like ambience that is ideal for those looking to unwind and recharge in a tropical wonderland. “The solace of our location offers guests the chance to truly reset and reconnect with themselves and their loved ones,” he comments.

Holistic Wellbeing

Here, guests feel inspired to journey towards wellbeing and invest in a life lived in balance. Central to this experience, the Resort’s award winning Wara Cheewa Spa encourages guests to embrace the art of slow living and help select the treatments that resonate most with their individual wellbeing needs. “The focus here is on holistic wellness, and the spa programs are inspired to bring a balance of the sacred scales of wellbeing that are at the core of Thai Buddhist philosophy,” explains Saowapa Thumapun, Director of Spa, referring to the programs designed to deliver emotional, physical, as well as spiritual regeneration, allowing body, mind and soul to align harmoniously.

Award-Winning Partnerships

Most recently, the spa has partnered with the pioneering luxury skincare brand 111SKIN for access to this innovative range of wellness products. Developed by US and European board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides and CEO Eva Alexandridis, 111SKIN is the culmination of more than 30 years of surgical practice, innovative ingredients, and clinically inspired application. Its range of precision skincare treatments has been engineered through the most advanced medical skin science to elevate skin health and deliver visible results.

“We are honoured and delighted to announce our partnership with 111SKIN, making us the first Four Seasons in the Asia Pacific region to collaborate with this prestigious brand,” shares Saowapa. “The experience at Wara Cheewa Spa brings the renowned expertise of Dr Yannis’ Harley St. clinic in London to our guests in Chiang Mai. Each focused treatment guarantees aesthetic and lasting results, ensuring every 111SKIN session is a luxurious skincare experience with tangible benefits.

Commenting on 111SKIN’s partnership, the founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides says, “We are thrilled to bring our 111SKIN Clinic experience to this award-winning resort in Thailand and believe that the Wara Cheewa Spa is the perfect setting for our range of facial and body treatments.”

Available exclusively to guests at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, the 111SKIN menu at the spa includes some of the brand’s most celebrated treatments –

  • Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Fact Lift: A comprehensive anti-ageing facial pairing 111SKIN’s potent Intensive Collection with LED light therapy to ensure a youthful and firmer appearance. A combination of the wrinkle-minimizing Wand Massage and Signature Massage leaves the skin looking fresh and sculpted along the natural contours of the face.
  • Signature Harley Street Facial: A high-performance facial formulated to calm and soothe damaged, inflamed, and irritated skin. Using a selection of ingredients from the Reparative Collection, the treatment also targets routine facial issues such as dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, and rosacea to soothe and comfort the skin.
  • Rose Gold Radiance Facial: An impactful facial that pairs restorative agents with innovative formulas to repair skin and restore the complexion. Using a three-tiered approach that includes Signature, Wrinkle-Minimising Wand, and Rose Quartz stone massages – this treatment is the epitome of self-love.

The experience can be reserved by calling +66 053 298 181, emailing or through real-time chat via the FS App.