A Perfect Blend of Heritage and Adventure: Chiang Mai

Five reasons why Chiang Mai should top your list of travel destinations
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Holidays have become an essential part of life and while we can thank technology for making it convenient to work remotely, it’s also the reason why our lives are so overwhelmed by screen-time. The need for a break every now and then is hard to deny. For those looking for getaways that don’t require too much travel and yet are a welcome change of scene, Chiang Mai is definitely the place to be. The second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai was once the capital of the Lanna kingdom, and still carries the grandeur of stories past.

For Ashok Nair, Director of Rooms and Residences at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, the region has a charm that has kept him rooted here since arriving two four ago. “I am excited to discover more of the magic of Northern Thailand each year, its deep-rooted culture, rich legacy, and to be able to bring our guests closer to that, in the Four Seasons way,” he adds.

With a mix of cultural heritage, artistic vibes and the perks of city life, here are five reasons why Chiang Mai should be your next travel destination.


Once a religious, cultural and trade capital of the Lanna Thai dynasty, Chiang Mai was the first independent country in the history of Thailand. It still retains hundreds of cultural heritage sites worth seeing including monuments and temples around the city. Apart from the heritage sites located in the city, at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, guests can experience the local cultural heritage first-hand with activities such as rice planting, buffalo bathing, or taking a one-of-a-kind Thai kick-boxing lesson with the in-house expert. “Guests will have the opportunity to learn about Thai culture from locals, and to experience their unique customs and rituals while staying with us," smiles Ashok.


Thanks to its geographical location, Chiang Mai has the pleasant weather of high altitude that’s perfect to visit. The cool climate and abundance of tropical greenery make it a popular summer retreat in Thailand and the favourable climate allows guests to comfortably experience various outdoor activities provided by the Resort, such as biking and jogging around the Mae Rim Valley, attending yoga lessons, or going on a nature trail with our in-house expert guide. 


One of the most significant reasons to visit Chiang Mai, local cuisine here is not just a feast for the senses, but also a great way to sample the essence of local culture. “The nearby countries of Laos and Myanmar have played a huge role in influencing the taste of Northern Thai dishes, and the unique cooking styles are heightened by the use of herbs and seasoning that only grow in this Northern region,” shares Ashok. Guests have a chance to not just taste the culture of Chiang Mai but also learn to cook authentic dishes from chef instructors at Rim Tai Kitchen Cooking Academy.


Another must-do while visiting the Kingdom is the stress-relieving healing practice of the Thai massage. While guests will instinctively slow down, breathe deeper and live slower when in Northern Thailand, it is a great opportunity to nourish the body, mind, and soul with treatments and therapies as well. At Wara Cheewa Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, guests have a chance to indulge in spa therapies inspired by the treatment that focus on balance. “Experience relaxation on different levels as our spa therapists work on the sacred scales of wellbeing,” says Saowapa Thumapun, Director of Spa.

Day Trips

As an ancient city located on a plain surrounded by mountains, Chiang Mai is rich in both natural and cultural heritages. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai offers guests the chance to take day trips where they can get a deeper understanding of the beauty of the region. From visits to hill-tribe villages and temples, to hiking and river rafting, there’s a lot to explore around the "cultural capital of Thailand" in true Four Seasons luxury.