Unveiling Chiang Mai’s Unique Retail Havens

Chiang Mai, Thailand

With misty mountains and emerald green landscapes dotted with historic temples and sites, wellness comes naturally at Chiang Mai. While not yet renowned, the multi-faceted arts and crafts offer a healthy dose of retail therapy that adds just the right touch of bliss. “Modern design studios and traditional craft bazaars blend seamlessly within the city’s tropical setting, with a highlight on sustainable practices supporting the local communities,” says Ashok Nair, Director of Rooms and Residences, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai.

Once a bastion of Northern Thai Lanna culture, this energetic and lively city is constantly evolving and has become a hub for artists from across the country who flock here to set up shop. “A shopping trip while here in Chiang Mai can be a thrilling and culturally immersive experience,” affirms Nair, who, along with his concierge team, has put together a must-do list of venues to visit while in Chiang Mai. “Of course, the local street markets with their vivid food stalls add another unique dimension to this shopping experience that caters to all tastes and budgets.”

Boutique Shop

The Boutique Shop within the Resort features a range of exemplary craftwork, unique souvenirs, and ethically manufactured goods sourced exclusively from talented local artisans. Carefully curated to ensure a premium blend of luxury and cultural richness, the collection includes exotic handwoven textiles, intricate ceramics, and folk art.

 Sunday Night Market at Thapae Gate

“Every Sunday from 5:00 to 10:30 pm, Thapae Walking Street is transformed into a cornucopia of frenzied food and shopping hustle. “This unique cultural extravaganza, with its crafts, music, and vibrant street food, is a window into Chiang Mai's rich heritage,” shares Nair. “Don't miss the chance to experience this traditional streetside spectacle, and perhaps even snag a little memento to take back with you.”

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

A must-not-miss part of the quintessential experience, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, open daily from 5:00 pm to 12:00 midnight, displays streetside stalls offering clothing, handicrafts, and unique local wares.

Jing Jai Market

This hidden gem focuses on organic products and handmade crafts, providing a relaxed atmosphere for visitors to explore eco-friendly and sustainably sourced treasures. The lively ambience with local vendors and musicians makes this weekend market a truly delightful experience. “Guests can savour some authentic Chiang Mai food, and even come away with a souvenir that reflects the city's vibrant art scene,” adds Nair.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Famous for its handmade paper umbrella craft, the Bo Sang Umbrella Village offers a unique insight into how these skilled local artisans ply their craft. Embellished and fitted by hand, these traditional Chiang Mai ornaments are fashioned from plain paper and adorned with classic motifs and calligraphy.

Baan Tawai

This Thai handicraft hub is famous for its wood carving and sculpture heritage. The village's narrow lanes are home to traditional artisans who ply their craft here, creating intricate wooden masterpieces, from sculptures to furniture. The open-air street markets add to the sensory experience, “With craftworks spilling on to the curb, you are sure to stumble upon a handmade treasure that will find a special place in your home,” smiles Nair. Beyond the market, interactive workshops also provide hands-on experiences, allowing visitors to engage with artisans and explore the craft.

One Nimman

A modern and chic shopping venue, One Nimman has quickly carved out a niche within the city's retail landscape. This buzzing complex with its contemporary design and diverse array of boutiques, cafes, and lifestyle stores is certainly where you can feel the pulse of the city. “The shopping experience is elevated by the many trendy cafes and eateries that make it a fun space to explore and unwind,” he suggests.

Sam Kamphaeng

Renowned for its exotic Thai silks, lacquerware, and ceramics, this enclave is a haven for those seeking classic, handcrafted souvenirs. The expanse of workshops and stores along the Chiang Mai-San Kamphaeng Road display the exquisite local patterns and vivid colours of traditional Thai workmanship, especially the craft of weaving.

The House by Ginger

This renovated resto-shop features an eclectic collection of designer kitchenware, Thai-inspired furniture, and fashionable clothing. “With a mix of retro and modern art, The House by Ginger is a wonderful example of Chiang Mai’s creative flourish,” says Nair. “From curated crafts to stylish apparel, the fusion of aesthetic art and culinary flair is certainly worth a visit.”

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