A Legacy of Luxury at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago: Celebrating Maria Fernandez

Celebrating 35 years of exceptional service and the art of details
April 17, 2024,
Chicago, U.S.A.

This month, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago continues to celebrate the 1989 Luxury Legends, with a spotlight on Maria Fernandez from the dedicated Laundry team. Maria's invaluable expertise, unwavering dedication and continuous pursuit of excellence have significantly contributed to the Hotel's success since day one.

Walk in the footsteps of our dedicated service professionals who work behind the scenes to transform moments into treasured memories.

Maria Fernandez, Laundry Attendant

Originally hailing from Guanajuato, Mexico, Maria embarked on her journey with Four Seasons at the age of 21, shortly after moving to the United States. Over the years, Maria transitioned from her original role as a Guestroom Attendant to leading the esteemed laundry team with pride and distinction.

Maria's motivation stems from her family, particularly her children, who have inspired her to strive for excellence in her role. With all three of her children now pursuing higher education in fields ranging from accounting to civil engineering, Maria radiates with joy. "I'm incredibly proud of all of them," she remarks.

Reflecting on her fondest memory, Maria recalls winning the Employee of the Month award 15 years ago. This moment not only symbolized her personal achievement but also highlighted the vibrant camaraderie within the Four Seasons team. Maria vividly remembers the November celebration where Tai Rufai, the housekeeping leader and another esteemed Luxury Legend, donned a turkey costume to extend congratulations in a memorable and humorous fashion.

Join us in celebrating Maria Fernandez, whose dedication, resilience, and infectious positivity have made her an invaluable asset to the Four Seasons team. Her unwavering commitment to excellence embodies the spirit of #FSLuxuryLegends, representing the pinnacle of luxury hospitality.

Luxury Legends is a monthly series celebrating the day-one employees at the Hotel. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook throughout the year and hear more from the people driving the legacy, and whose dedication and passion are a vision of hospitality.