Learning on the Go: 10 Fun Experiences for Kids at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

June 26, 2023,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, young guests are not an afterthought. The Resort offers a series of well-designed activities for both teenagers and children to connect with Thailand’s vibrant culture. 

At the dedicated La-On Kids Club, the certified team ensures that each experience is fun as well as safe:

“This is one of the main reasons why so many families with children return to our Resort year after year,” smiles Ashok Nair, Director of Rooms and Residences. 

Set in a sprawling landscape with working rice paddies, the Resort is a true reflection of Thailand’s cultural ethos. “Our experiences are designed to be hands-on and allow our young guests to make meaningful connections with the outdoors,” shares Nair. With a full-fledged daily schedule in place including kids' menus, the kids’ club is a haven for children of all ages. What is more, the Resort’s accommodation is perfectly suited for multi-generational travel, with 2–4-bedroom Private Retreats serving the purpose. “Whether it is in the residences itself or at various venues around the resort, we have something for everyone,” he smiles. “Most of our activities are designed such that the whole family can participate, providing much-needed time together.”  

Cooking Class: The kids’ Cooking Class at Rim Tai Kitchen is perfect for those looking for a fun and relaxed way to learn a new skill. Guests learn about the ingredients and handpick some of them from the chef's garden before cooking together. "The menu features three popular Thai dishes available for kids ages 5 to 12. Adults can join in the fun and watch their little chefs in action,” smiles Nair.

Rice Planting: “Kids learn about the fascinating journey of rice and witness, first-hand, the hard work that goes into farming,” says Pondkaran Kantha, Chief Gardener. Along the way to the rice fields, guests also meet the Resort’s resident buffaloes. “At Chaan Baan, the kids explore distinct types of rice and their benefits. Finally, they join the farmers to plant rice sprouts in the paddies. Needless to say, they love splashing around!” she laughs.

Buffalo Bathing: The resident water buffalos love being bathed in the afternoons, and children can be a part of this fun and unique experience. “Slip into a traditional Mor Hom, farmer's attire, and join our friendly farmers as we head to the water,” smiles Kantha. “Guests learn about Thai culture and the important role that water buffalos play in farming – a fun and educational activity that the whole family will love.”

Pottery: Working with their hands, guests can create their own pot, plate, or cup at Chaan Baan. Led by experienced artists, children learn the process of clay moulding, and other techniques including wheel throwing, slab building and pinching pots, to create their own unique pottery. “The fun is in working with the ceramic colours,” shares Kantha. 

Tie and Dye: “Learn natural dyeing from our experts at Chaan Baan – and methods such as binding, folding, stitching and pole-wrapping – to create beautiful patterns on fabric,” shares Nair. Guests uncover the secrets of preparing a dye from natural indigo, using techniques handed down through generations. “The process of tie-dyeing is also an excellent opportunity for kids to explore colour theory and experiment with different combinations,” he adds, “This hands-on activity encourages kids to be creative and expressive, while also developing their fine motor skills.” 

Garden Tour: The Resort’s landscape is filled with exotic tropical plants and trees. The expert gardening team leads guests to experience nature at its finest and immerse in the tropical Thailand way of life. 

Batik Painting: Kids learn a new art form, experience the joy of being creative, and take home a self-made Four Seasons souvenir – more precious than any store-bought item. The team guides the young artists as they choose a pattern, prepare the colours, and paint their own designs onto a handkerchief or scarf. The original creations are then dried, washed, ironed, and kept ready for the kids to collect.

Lanna Dress-Up and Picture Frame Making: “At this dress-up party, little ones enjoy a peep into Thai culture and learn about local outfits. They also get a chance to work with Sa paper, a traditional paper made of mulberry bark, and decorate their own handiwork,” shared Nair. An introduction to the Lanna and hill-tribe garments is followed by a costume party and a fun photoshoot. “The kids then make a picture frame out of Sa paper and decorate it in their own style – a perfect memento of their experience,” Nair smiles.

Umbrella Painting: In this fun activity, children paint colourful designs onto a traditional umbrella made from satin fabric, Sa paper, or cotton. “Guests learn about the history of this special art form and get to create their own unique design - a creative way to learn about Thai culture,” shares Nair.

Lanna Flag Making and Farmer Parade: Lanna flags or Tung Sai Moo are made using traditional kite paper with special materials and techniques. “This flag is an important symbol of Northern Thailand’s culture and history,” explains Nair. Children also can join the ritualistic farmer’s parade with the water buffaloes to end the evening on a traditional note. 

La-On Kid’s Club, located in the Lansai area, offers complimentary experiences based on a daily schedule and is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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