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Live naturally and experience the benefits of this Caribbean hideaway

April 20, 2022,
Nevis, West Indies

Travellers from far and wide have long come to find Nevis’ natural beauty and wonder ever so captivating. With year-round opportunities to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with Mother Nature, this idyllic destination offers a variety of activities and amenities – from scenic hikes to Nevis Peak with a soothing dip in the hot springs to hand-picked provisions from local farmers and locally-grown natural remedies – that transform the mind, body and soul.

"For many years, people have travelled to Nevis seeking relief with the help of our hot springs' therapeutic waters and enjoying the organic fruits and vegetables grown year-round, some of which are cancer-fighting," says Mac Kee France, Director of Guest Experiences. "The island's unmatched beauty and location offer a natural place of well-being to connect us back to our surroundings and provides a unique opportunity to live off the land."

Guests of Four Seasons Resort Nevis looking for a connection back to nature will find that this island paradise offers many experiences that will do just that. 

  • Botanical Tour – Explore the grounds of Four Seasons Resort Nevis  and be in awe of the variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that are natural remedies for many ailments -- from soursop that helps fight cancer to the moringa tree or "tree of life" known to improve eyesight, reduce wrinkles and increase energy, all of which grow on the property. During the tour, guests can learn from the Resort’s resident botanist, Mac Kee France, about how to use these plants at home or during the remainder of their visit.
  • Signature Nevisian Massage – Using a locally-infused blend of oils inspired by exotic scents and spices of the West Indies and crafted from Nevisian ingredients grown in the Resort's own herb garden, the Nevisian Massage eases the senses and recharges the mind and body, featuring a relaxing and cleansing foot ritual, where feet are bathed in warm, lemongrass-infused water, before being detoxified with an aromatic scrub. From there, guests receive an exquisite massage emphasising long, flowing strokes that mimic the waves of the Caribbean Sea, easing the senses and recharging the mind and body.
  • Around the Garden Tour - In collaboration with the Nevis Tourism Authority and the Agriculture Department, the Around the Garden Tour takes visitors around a five-acre (two hectare) fruit farm in Cades Bay. The tour guide will teach visitors about the fruits and plants' medicinal usages and many other important health benefits. They'll also pick the fresh fruits right off the tree to enjoy the natural juices and, at the end of the tour, they'll sample smoothies freshly made from the garden.
  • Nevis Peak Hike - Not only will visitors be able to learn about flora and fauna of the island from the lower slopes, but they'll also see them from the top with a hike up the 3,232-foot (985 metre) summit of Nevis Peak. This challenging but exhilarating hike up the Peak will have any adventurer ready to take on the day. The views from the top are breath-taking as they'll feel above the clouds and admire the island below.
  • Nevis Hot Springs - After conquering the Peak, visitors are welcome to soak their bodies in the healing waters of the hot springs that pull mineral water from the mountain. These springs are known to heal the body of pain and muscle aches with just a five-to-ten-minute soak. The hot springs are open to the public and welcome all visitors who seek relaxation or relief.
  • Caribbean Sea Snorkelling - The calm water of the Caribbean Sea is ideal for snorkelling and exploring the underwater world. With the help of a guide, visitors can snorkel the shallow waters surrounding the Resort or venture out to nearby waters off the shores of St. Kitts and see all kinds of sea life, including an array of fish, sea turtles and stingrays.

In addition to the above tourism-focused activities, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis continues to lead the charge in change when it comes to sustainability. The Sustainable Nevis Group is dedicated to engaging the island to be proactive in how the community manages its waste through recycling. Their slogan, “Let’s Do Something Drastic to Reduce Single-Use Plastic,” is just the start to ultimately eliminating it. The phased approach will get the community involved through competitions to embrace sustainability by learning how to properly sort and collect excessive waste and then reduce, reuse and recycle it. Then establishing a more efficient way of recycling waste with the help of a waste management plant on the island. With more than 61% of travellers wanting more sustainable travel, based on the 2021 Sustainable Travel Report from Booking.com, this initiative is vital. The Federation is also committed to 100% renewable energy by reducing CO2 emissions by 61% by switching to wind and solar power and increasing the share of electric vehicles in the fleet to at least 2% in the hopes that by 2030 they reach their goal.

With those initiatives in mind, Four Seasons Resort Nevis is also taking action to ramp up its sustainability efforts. This year, the Resort has made a commitment to remove all plastic straws and cups from the operation, as well as replace individual bathroom amenities with reusable options for guests.

The Resort also continues to partner with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to ensure the survival of the sea turtles that nest on the island. For the past 15 years, the program has continued to educate both international visitors as well as the local community about the importance of the three species of turtle that nest on St. Kitts and Nevis, including the green, hawksbill and the largest sea turtle, the leatherback.

With nesting season from April to November, anyone can join the local Nevis Turtle Group on night walks to monitor the turtles and possibly see them nesting on the beach. While, during the annual Sea Turtle Conservation Weekend hosted at the Resort, guests and the community are welcome to participate in the naming and releasing two nested turtles that the Sea Turtle Conservancy will monitor throughout the year and track their migration patterns.

Visitors looking to vacation at the Resort and reconnect with nature are welcome to spend a few extra days in paradise with the Stay Longer - Fourth Night Free offer. To inquire about availability, click here, email reservations.nev@fourseasons.com or call 869 469 6238.


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