Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica Celebrates International Women’s Day with Inspiring Stories

March 7, 2024,
Costa Rica

As the world gears up to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo spotlights the incredible journey of Pastry Chef Laura Bolomo. Hailing from Argentina, Laura's story is one of determination, passion, and the pursuit of dreams.

The connection between the artistry of baking pastries and the thrill of riding waves may seem unconventional, but for Laura Bolomo, they share a common thread - the celebration of women's power. Laura brings her precision and dedication from the kitchen to the waves of Guanacaste, embodying the multifaceted nature of women.

"When I got to Costa Rica, I made myself a promise, to become a surfer. Later that year, I'd proudly call myself a surfer. While I'm still learning, being in the water on my board makes me feel connected to nature. Each wave I catch fills me with happiness and adrenaline, brightening my days," says Bolomo.

Her journey is a testament to the powerful mindset of following one's dreams. Laura not only embraced the Pura Vida lifestyle but also found the ideal balance between pursuing her passion in the kitchen and indulging in the adventurous beach life that Costa Rica offers.

General Manager of Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo Ian-Robert Ciappara expresses admiration for Laura's achievements: "We are thrilled to celebrate International Women's Day by highlighting the incredible journey of Chef Laura Bolomo. Her story is a source of inspiration for all, showcasing the strength, resilience, and creativity that women bring to every aspect of their lives."

Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo invites guests and the community to join in celebrating International Women's Day on March 8, acknowledging the achievements and contributions of women like Chef Laura Bolomo, who continue to inspire and break barriers.

Surf Like a Girl, a Special Event

The Resort team is thrilled to announce its collaboration with SurfX for an insightful panel discussion and fundraiser titled "Costa Rican National Champions Discuss Progression in Women's Professional Surfing."

Join in on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at 4:00 pm on the Surf Patio for an engaging exploration of the evolution of women's professional surfing. Natalia Vindas, founder of Costa Rica's Adaptive Surf Association, will moderate a panel featuring national champions Lia Diaz and Lisbeth “Liz” Vindas. The discussion will delve into the challenges and growth opportunities faced by female surfers, with a raffle supporting local female surfers in competitions. The event promises a welcoming atmosphere with drinks, mingling, and snacks, and is hosted by Women of Papagayo, Four Seasons Resort, and SurfX. RSVP to join the event and make waves together.

Meet the Special Guests

Lisbeth “Liz” Vindas: Liz, an iconic figure with more than 20 years of experience in professional surfing, is a pioneer in Costa Rica's surfing scene. Breaking barriers, she became the first woman to participate in all world championships since 1996, earning her the status of an ambassador for women's surfing in Costa Rica. With 11 national titles and four Central American championships, Liz blends tradition and modernity in her distinctive surfing style. Beyond competitions, surfing is not just a career but a passion and source of joy for Liz. Her global presence spans over 25 countries, aiming to be a role model and leaving a lasting impact on the development of professional surfing in Costa Rica.

Lia Diaz: Lia, a 19-year-old native of Costa Rica, has been immersed in surfing since childhood. Achieving early success by becoming the national champ in her category at just 13 years old, Lia returned to competitive surfing in 2022 after a five-year hiatus as a free surfer. Securing victories at the national level and representing Costa Rica at the ISA World Junior Surfing Games in El Salvador, Lia continued her pursuit of excellence in 2023, winning a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Panama.

Natalia Vindas: In 2008, a life-altering car accident thrust Natalia into a wheelchair existence. Choosing resilience over despair, she embarked on a journey of self-reinvention, obtaining a postgraduate degree in Accessibility and becoming a certified Accessibility Professional. Natalia established the Adaptive Surfing Association of Costa Rica, championing inclusivity and adaptive surfing triumphs. Through sharing her experiences, Natalia aims to inspire others to overcome life's obstacles, embracing their journey with bravery and creativity.

Four Seasons Resort Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica and SurfX invites guests, the community, and media to join in these celebrations, supporting women's achievements.