Say “I Do” in the Heart of Nature

Whether it is renewal of vows or celebrating togetherness, Four Seasons Tented Camp invites guests for a magical experience in the bamboo jungles

Golden Triangle, Thailand

Set amid lush bamboo jungles alongside the gushing Ruak River, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle brings romance and effervescence to every part of the day. Whether it is waking up to a mist-laden landscape that dissipates with the sunrise revealing a stunning scenery, or ending the day overlooking a kaleidoscope sunset, nature provides the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and reflection.

“We are blessed to have an abundance of nature’s beauty all around us. For those city-weary eyes and racing mind, the Camp is the perfect antidote and escape from reality,” smiles Tobias Emmer, Camp Manager.

Immersed in Nature

It is no wonder that the Camp lends itself so well to significant occasions such as renewal of vows and even a planned elopement. “We’re part of a triangle that includes Myanmar and Laos. In the morning, the sun rises over Laos and in the evening the sun sets in Myanmar. It’s an absolute treat for the senses at the confluence of the three countries in the Golden Triangle,” shares Tobias.

Given the intimate nature of the experience here, there are several venues tucked away in the jungle for those meaningful exchanges of lasting commitments. “Sunset weddings are my favourite,” smiles Tobias, “Sunset at Camp Peak, for instance, is the perfect venue – just as the setting sun promises to rise again, every single day.” Symbolic of relationships, isn’t it?

A Local Flavour

With a dedicated team of experts, the Camp can customise the experience to a guest’s choice - none more dramatic, though, than the traditional Thai renewal of vows. Guests begin their day with a signature Four Seasons breakfast, followed by a relaxing spa therapy at the open-air spa. Soothed by birdsong and our expert therapists, relaxing and rejuvenating here is effortless. Late afternoon, the Camp’s Land Rover escorts the couple to the highest point of the Camp. While the bride is waiting, the groom must begin celebrations with a Kaan Maak procession where he dances his way to his beloved, accompanied by musicians playing traditional long drums.

“In Buddhism, it is important to give as well as to receive on the most important occasions of one’s life,” explains Naipaporn Panmaloke, Assistant Camp Manager, who is one of the chief organisers at the Camp, “As the couple vow to start a new life together, we invite monks to chant blessings for a joyous, long-lasting union. The couple in turn, shows their gratitude by offering food to nine monks, as nine is a lucky number in Thailand.” This is followed by the tying of the sacred thread, Sai Mongokol, and a traditional Thai water blessing ritual Bai Sri Su Kwan. “This ceremony is usually conducted by the elders, where they pour scented water over the couple’s hands using a sacred conch shell,” explains Naipaporn.

Whether it is two guests or thirty, the Camp team organises a delectable banquet that can be enjoyed at a venue of choice to make it a night to remember. “The celebration ends with lighting of khom loy, traditional wish lanterns,” she adds, “A trail of lights rising into the air, these lanterns are believed to carry your wishes to the ones that make it come true!”

Guests can arrange their fairy-tale celebration by contacting Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle at or +66 2 207 8900.