#OffTheGridWithFS at Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle, Thailand

Ensconced by dense jungle cover and skirted by the rushing Ruak River, Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle emerges from the bamboo jungles of Northern Thailand like a little lagoon of luxury. Far removed from the hustle of urban life and set within a wilderness wonderland, the Camp is a truly #OffTheGridWithFS experience. “It envelops you immediately,” says Macall Newman, Camp Manager, “as you wake up to the sounds of birds, and the rustle of leaves, and the sounds of the wild.” With stunning daytime views across the camp and star-studded skies at night, this is a 24-hour immersive jungle adventure.

Tuning in to nature allows for the calm and serenity that one yearns for.  With fabulous vistas of the Golden Triangle, guests can explore the site at leisure to find the most photogenic views. “We have listed a few of our best-loved spots here, for you to discover,” adds Macall, “You are welcome to share your own list with us – just hashtag #OffTheGridWithFS so we can find you!”

Burma Bar: At sundown, the skies erupt in a rapturous display of colour, as the sun sets over the horizon into neighbouring Myanmar. There is no better way to enjoy this show than with a cocktail in hand at the Camp's aptly named bar.

Outdoor Bathtub: A private wooden hot-tub on the outdoor deck of the Golden Triangle Tent is the best place to spend an afternoon, soaking in the scenery and listening to birdsong. “Enhance your experience with a rose-petal filled bath and a glass or two of bubbles to celebrate your time in the bamboo jungles,” Macall recommends.

On The Land Rover: Rugged and well restored, the Camp’s Land Rover is fitted with just enough luxury to head out safari-style for a drive through the bamboos. “Go #OffTheGridWithFS in the jungle peninsula and enjoy a sundowner out in the wild atop this beautiful vintage vehicle,” she adds. For those who would like to continue the experience, the jungle-style cocktails and dinner by the riverside offer a truly immersive experience.  

Riverside: Follow the Ruak River, with the Camp Guide and map handy, and chances are that one would find the perfect picnic spot. “We have a couple of rustic spots alongside the river to enjoy an afternoon snack in typical tiffin boxes – adding to the adventure,” says Macall.

The Spa: Nestled among bamboo jungles, the Camp’s tree-top fringed spa is the perfect place to rejuvenate with wellness rituals inspired by mountain botanicals. “Let our therapists work their magic as you enjoy the lilting birdsong and murmur of the bamboos that surround,” she shares. Designed to resonate with the harmony of its natural, jungle setting, a session at the spa is sure to leave guests feeling thoroughly relaxed.

Suspension Bridge: “Get a bird’s eye view as you walk along the suspension bridge!” says Macall. Taking in the gorgeous views of the bamboo jungles, listening to the sounds of nature, birdsong and fresh air, this is an absolute treat for the senses.

Swimming Pool at the Explorer’s Lodge: Infinity has a new meaning while taking in the endless vistas of the bamboo jungles from the Two-Bedroom Explorer’s Lodge, “The canopy of bamboo jungles provides the perfect solace, while the outdoor deck serves as a perfect venue for get-togethers, dinners, cocktails and more,” adds Macall.  

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