Find a New Life Purpose with the Personal Transformation Retreat at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

June 20, 2024,
Hoi An, Vietnam

This September, embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation with an exclusive Personal Transformation Retreat at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.

Set to run from September 25 to 30, 2024, this five-night sanctuary is designed for high achievers seeking fulfilment or a spiritual recharge, as well as individuals navigating significant life transitions or searching for purpose. The retreat promises a safe, nurturing space for profound healing that will leave guests feeling revitalised and empowered.

Nestled alongside the azure waters of Central Vietnam's coastline, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai provides the perfect backdrop for an immersive wellness experience. Secluded villas inspired by Feng Shui and lush landscapes dotted with serene water features serve as catalysts for inner peace and personal growth.

Holistic Well-Being

Together, Visiting Practitioner Judy Xu and Wellness Manager Sudha Nair bring a wealth of wisdom and expertise to guide participants through a transformational voyage that supports all aspects of being — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


The ground-breaking Oligoscan tool offers a deep dive into the nutritional status of the body, revealing imbalances and oxidative stress. Based on physiological biomarkers, it offers a comprehensive report that includes lifestyle recommendations, nutritional guidance and exercise regimes.

Practise mindful eating habits such as savouring each bite and learning to identify genuine hunger cues, fostering a healthier relationship with food. Guests will enjoy a unique wellness menu, Balance by Four Seasons, featuring invigorating superfoods, nutrient-rich dishes and detoxifying juices.

Signature spa treatments incorporating Vietnamese massage, healing scrubs and sound therapy provide deep physical relaxation. Each treatment uses natural ingredients from the Resort garden.


Mental clarity and focus lie at the very heart of the retreat. Engage in mindfulness techniques such as the Ananda Mandala meditation to balance all chakras, and elevate awareness by focusing on breath, sensation and reverberation through daily yoga sessions. Guests will also find opportunities to release past burdens and clear psychological blockages, vital steps to emotional cleansing.


A series of individual and group workshops with both guides will help attendees explore a deeper purpose and plan a life path congruent with their core values, allowing them to connect with their internal compass and embrace their highest potential. Convert limiting beliefs into wisdom and leave with a renewed sense of resolve through the cacao ceremony, a sacred window for mystical growth.

Meet the Experts

Visiting Practitioner Judy Xu is a renowned life coach and mentor who pioneers a holistic approach to personal transformation. As the founder of Balance Health, one of Asia's earliest and most acclaimed holistic clinics and healing centres, she specializes in facilitating emotional breakthroughs and empowering individuals in the art of intention-setting and manifestation. Judy's expertise spans transformational coaching, Inner Peace Healing Meditation, Ho'olokahi Numerology, and Shamanic Healing & Counselling. Through her exceptional work, she has empowered countless individuals to achieve greater balance, fulfilment, and self-actualization.

Wellness Manager Sudha Nair is a dedicated naturopath and yoga practitioner. With a career spanning India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam, she curates programs incorporating mental wellbeing, nourishment and disease prevention. Her approach to good health consists of small daily routines rooted in nature — time spent outdoors, seasonal meals and natural remedies.

A Mindfulness Haven

A floating oasis of serenity, The Heart of the Earth Spa invites guests to align themselves with the calming rhythms of the Earth. Inspired by the teachings of Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, the Spa menu features treatments woven around the traditional values of creativity, stability and non-judgment.

Reverent and authentic rituals foster a deeper appreciation of the present moment, from setting afloat wishing candles in the lagoon to connecting with nature’s heartbeat through crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 Hz. Various yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes are hosted at the Thanh Tĩnh Yoga Pavilion, set amid tranquil gardens and birdsong.

To learn more about the Personal Transformation Retreat, visit the resort website. For enquiries and bookings, contact the spa team at +84 235 395 9879 or email