A Year of Transformative Wellness at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

March 18, 2024,
Hoi An, Vietnam

Blessed with the lush abundance of the central Vietnamese coastline, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai stands as a beacon of tranquillity, offering an unrivalled retreat for mindfulness and healing. The warm, gracious spirit of Vietnam resonates through every experience, illuminating a joyous path to holistic renewal.

With a commitment to vibrant wellness, this oceanfront retreat is a haven for those yearning for a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Along with always-available wellness offerings, guests can also benefit from the wisdom of Visiting Practitioners throughout the year.

Wellness Program

Bringing fresh energy to the acclaimed Resort, Wellness Manager and Resident Naturopath Dr Sudha Nair has expanded the offerings at the award-winning Heart of the Earth Spa. With more than two decades of expertise in naturopathy and yoga, rooted in a deep belief in nature’s restorative power, Sudha guides guests on a bespoke wellness journey with newly unveiled offerings.

Begin with a Wellness Screening using the groundbreaking Oligoscan, a non-invasive scanning tool, to analyze biomarkers and create a comprehensive health report. With personalized lifestyle recommendations, nutritional guidance and exercise regimes, guests are empowered to take control of their healing and growth. The Naturopath Consultation covers stress management, food habits and fitness routines, while weekly Wellness Talks offer practical insights for building a healthier way of life.

In 2024, guests can also look forward to a selection of wellness retreats. “A Day of Wellness” retreats are designed to meet a variety of objectives: choose from options such as De-Stress with Mindfulness, Inner Beauty and Anti-Ageing, and Charge Your Sleep. For an intensive recovery of the inner being, opt for the one-week “Personal Transformation Retreat,” which features experiences such as intention-setting meditation, soul-purpose seeking, overcoming limiting beliefs, chakra meditation and cacao ceremonies.

Visiting Practitioners

Throughout the year, The Nam Hai welcomes a diverse group of Visiting Practitioners, each a master in their field. Guests can embark on personalized journeys with these experts, or attend group sessions with fellow wellness-seekers.

Realign vital energies with Alex Scrimgeour (March and June), a massage therapist specialising in facial and body Reflexology; and let the healing hands of Rashdy Ahmad (April and May) restore balance through Cupping Rituals and Therapeutic Bodywork. Later in the year, discover elemental healing with Kirsten Diesler (May), whose Five Elements Acupuncture supports all-round well-being.

Yogis can enhance their practice with Christopher Harrison (April), “the father of aerial yoga.” Elevate wellness with his expressive form of AntiGravity Yoga, incorporating elements from Pilates, dance, gymnastics and aerial arts. For a transcendent sojourn of Yoga and Sound Healing, meet Lara Zilibowitz and Benny Holloway (December). Yin Yoga meets poetry and hypnotic music to create an immersive experience, unlocking free expression and new insights.

Guests can address muscle and joint pain with Neil Hands (July), a leading osteopath and sports therapist, whose deep expertise forms a strong foundation for osteopathy treatment. To stimulate natural detoxification, opt for Deep Tissue Release with Stephen Kirwin (August), an expert in integrated bodywork and myofascial release.

During the residency of Judy Xu (October), life coach and spiritual mentor, guests can delve into the world of alternative wellness, from Inner Peace Meditation to Shamanic Healing. The Resort’s year-end celebrations feature bodywork treatments by Azusa Segawa (December 2024 and January 2025). Rejuvenate with Chi Nei Tsang, a Taoist abdominal massage, and experience traditional healing with Usui Reiki.

Lotus-Filled Serenity

Inspired by the teachings of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, The Heart of the Earth Spa is a serene oasis set by a lotus-filled lagoon. Here, guests will find the opportunity for profound self-exploration and reconnection, aligning their internal rhythms with the heartbeat of the earth.