AVLU Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet Earns Coveted Spot in Michelin Guide 2024, Embracing Anatolian Culinary Excellence

November 10, 2023,
Istanbul, Türkiye

In the heart of Istanbul's Old Town, AVLU Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet stands as a culinary gem, nestled within a captivating courtyard. Recently recognized in the esteemed Michelin Guide 2024 Istanbul selection, AVLU has become a destination for discerning diners seeking an authentic Anatolian culinary experience.

AVLU's Executive Chef Özgür Üstün brings his passion for sustainability and regional flavours to the forefront. With a focus on locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, Chef Üstün skillfully reimagines traditional Anatolian dishes with a modern twist. Each plate served at AVLU represents a different Anatolian region, showcasing the diversity of Turkish cuisine.

The restaurant's ambiance is as enchanting as its menu. The interior seamlessly blends contemporary design with subtle nods to Ottoman heritage, creating an inviting atmosphere. The space features expansive glass doors that open onto a lush garden, providing a serene backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

AVLU Restaurant's inclusion in the Michelin Guide's recommended list is a testament to Chef Üstün's culinary artistry and dedication to his craft. His meticulous selection of high-quality ingredients and creative approach to Anatolian recipes have earned AVLU a well-deserved place among Istanbul's culinary treasures. Chef Üstün eloquently captures the essence of AVLU's culinary philosophy, stating, “Referring to original recipes, we provide our guests with a unique culinary experience through modern techniques and presentation. By prioritizing seasonality, we focus on dishes made from sustainable and exceptional ingredients sourced from various regions of Anatolia. Our approach is flavour-focused, and we meticulously select our ingredients. We are delighted that with our dedication and enthusiasm, we have earned our place in the recommended list of the world's most prestigious guide, Michelin.” At AVLU, guests embark on a gastronomic journey, savouring the rich and diverse flavours of Anatolia in every bite.

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