This Spring, Sip the Best of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore at Nautilus Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Special bar takeovers continue to spotlight the remarkable prowess of Asia’s mixology scene
May 6, 2024,
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Nautilus Friendship Series continues to shake up Jakarta’s cocktail scene, with a trio of exciting guest bartender shifts coming up. Nautilus Bar at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta extends a warm welcome to Niks Anuman-Rajadhon from G.O.D, Bangkok; Rohan Matmary and Mitchelle from Bar Trigona, Kuala Lumpur; and Gabriel Carlos from One-Ninety Bar, Singapore.

Available for one night only, each takeover will feature signature concoctions by these guest bartenders, who are set to bring their trademark techniques and unique perspectives to town. Cocktail connoisseurs in Jakarta will have the chance to sample some of the most distinctive flavours and cutting-edge trends in Asian mixology, presented in the intimate and vibrant embrace of Nautilus Bar.

“The Nautilus Friendship Series is a celebration of the art and creativity of mixology. It brings us great joy to introduce our guests to some of the most acclaimed mixologists in Asia. These special events create a shared space for us to meet, connect and explore the regional diversity of cocktails together,” says Bar Manager Julian Brigget.

G.O.D, Bangkok — May 9, 2024

Taste the joy of maximalism with Niks Anuman-Rajadhon from G.O.D, Bangkok. Taking over at Nautilus Bar, Niks will present captivating cocktails that embody the philosophy of “excessive is necessary.” Discover a whimsical bouquet of textures, colours and flavours, best enjoyed with G.O.D’s recommended three-part ritual: sip the drink, taste the garnish, return to the drink.

Niks is part of the founding trio behind several of Bangkok’s most successful bar ventures, including Teens of Thailand, Asia Today and Tax Bar.

Bar Trigona, Kuala Lumpur — May 24, 2024

Say cheers to an unforgettable evening with Rohan Matmary and Mitchelle from Bar Trigona, ranked #36 among the 50 Best Bars in Asia. Taste fresh expressions of staple Asian ingredients as the two master mixologists use innovative techniques to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a glass.

Housed in Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur and known for its commitment to sustainability, Bar Trigona has played an instrumental role in putting Malaysia on the global cocktail map.

One-Ninety Bar, Singapore — June 7, 2024

Raise a glass to botanical discovery with Gabriel Carlos from One-Ninety, a Singaporean bar making waves with its new Secret Gardens menu. On this special night, Gabriel will serve up cocktails inspired by the iconic botanical gardens of Singapore, New York and London.

Located at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, One-Ninety Bar creates botanical stories with every shake and stir, offering a delicious respite from the pace of urban life.

Nautilus Bar

Embark on a spirited voyage into Indonesia’s fabled Spice Trade era, captained by Bar Manager Julian Brigget. Celebrating the archipelago’s seafaring traditions, Nautilus Bar shines the spotlight on homegrown spices, inviting guests to experience all-time classics with a nostalgic twist, alongside signature cocktails that blend premium spirits with modern mixology techniques. Storied décor conjures the excitement of ocean voyages, while curated artworks transport guests to the historical port of Sunda Kelapa. Come and experience the essence of Indonesia with a sip at Nautilus Bar, nestled within Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.

To reserve a table at Nautilus Bar, call +62 21 2277-1888 or contact the Hotel via FS Chat.