Unveiling the Bensley Outsider Gallery at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Join in the celebration of compassion and creativity in harmony with Four Seasons for Good initiatives
February 12, 2024,
Koh Samui, Thailand

Bill Bensley’s architecture and fingerprints are visible in almost every nook and cranny of the landscape at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. Built in his inimitable style across an old coconut plantation lush with tropical foliage and swaying palms, the Resort is perhaps one of Bill Bensley’s most significant architectural achievements. His vision of preserving the natural landscape and working within the contours of this stunning hillside location were a pioneering vision in the region, with not one tree being cut down in the process.  The spectacular villas with their dramatic views of the seascape below are a testament to its success.

Artistic License

Returning to his beloved Samui seascape with his latest passion – a range of deeply personal fine art explorations - the Bensley Outsider Gallery is a fantastic exposition of colour and imagination. “Like a watermark, his vision underlines every aspect of design and décor of the Resort,” explains Jasjit Assi, General Manager. “And we can’t be more proud to collaborate with him, yet again.” His signature style of vivid tropical illusions painted on canvas are the primary focus of the gallery, but his iconoclastic style of creativity also extends to his latest Kakti Sculptures, a collection of cactus-inspired motifs crafted from wood with mixed media expressions. “Bill will tell you himself that he is not a trained artist and that every work of his is really just an exploration through art of his eccentric mindscape,” smiles Assi. “In fact, he is always looking to find meaning through art, and his paintings tend to follow certain thematic journeys, if you will.”

Art for a Cause

For instance, the What Wat collection is a study of places of worship, where churches, temples and sacred spaces feature significantly in the works. Guests will find it fascinating to peruse these works and decipher for themselves the compositions and complexity of his art.

All of Bensley’s work, be it artistic or in hospitality, has a meaningful purpose. As a passionate conservationist and philanthropist, he works tirelessly to raise funds for the Shinta Mani Foundation outreach projects in Cambodia. Bill is extremely dedicated to the vital community outreach work the Foundation does covering the four pillars of the education, health care, conservation/environment and direct assistance. “I’m just thrilled to have a gallery of my artworks at Four Seasons Koh Samui with this newly created collection.   I hope guests will like the art and sculpture pieces that were a joy to create and from which proceeds will support the important work we do at the Foundation,” says Bill. 

The Bensley Outsider Gallery is situated one floor below KOH Thai Kitchen, providing an immersive experience into the dynamic and vivid world of Bill Bensley's art.

A Collectors’ Collectible

Guests at the Resort may visit this unique display of Bensley artworks and collectibles, both for the visual spectacle that it is, but also to take back a Bensley original or print as a memento from Samui. “The artwork itself is so appealing, but it also contributes to a cause that is close to Bensley’s heart, his relationship with the people, culture nature and wildlife of this region," adds Assi.

Visit The Bensley Outsider Gallery to embark on the artful journey. Contact 66 0 77 243 000, email, or chat with the team via FS Chat App.

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