Seven Most Photogenic Spots at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

Set along a bountiful tropical hillside and overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui reflects the true spirit of Thailand’s island life. A short distance away from the bustling centre, every aspect of the Resort’s design and experience complements the setting.

“It envelops you immediately,” says Hannes Schneider, Resort Manager. “As you wake up to the sounds of ocean, the rustle of lush greenery, and the infinite views of the islands beyond, it continues.”

With stunning daytime views of the coast and kaleidoscopic skies at night, this is a 24-hour paradise island adventure.

“At every twist and turn on the winding paths, you are rewarded with ‘gram-worthy’ vistas of Samui’s tropical beauty,” beams Hannes, “We have short-listed 7 of our favourite spots for you to discover – if you find others, just tag @fskohsamui so we can find you!”

Arrival Sala: With 360-degree views of the Resort and the Gulf of Thailand beyond, the Arrival Sala offers a first glimpse of the magic waiting to unfold. “High above the rugged coastline, with the tip of Khao Laem Yai peninsula just beyond, it is all truly picture-perfect,” smiles Hannes.

Residence Villa: Nestled amid the palm trees of Samui’s Northern slopes, the #FSPrivateRetreats offer spectacular views of the horizon. Guests can soak up the scenery from their very own expansive infinity-pool as the turquoise blue water below meets the shore.

Pool: “Linger longer by the pool and find ultimate tropical bliss at CocoRum Bar. The swaying coconut palms weave in and out of your photo-frame as the sea merges magically with our pool all the way to infinity,” he shares.

Indulge in Afternoon Tea: By the ocean’s edge, Pla Pla offers a consummate paradise experience where delicious Afternoon Tea treats can be enjoyed with the glorious Gulf of Thailand only a few steps away.

Moo Kra Ta: “Thai-style BBQ is usually a street-side affair,” explains Hannes, “The Moo Kra Ta experience at #fskohsamui is elevated with all the love the Four Seasons brings.” Guests can enjoy a fine selection of meats and seafood out on their private deck, with gorgeous Samui scenery to set the mood.

Once in the Blue Moon dinner: Nothing is more magical than an intimate dinner on the Private Cove. “Dining by candlelight, right by the sea, is the perfect setting to bond and re-connect,” he shares. “Our chefs prepare their finest, complemented by an impeccable selection of wine from our cellars. All this, accompanied by live traditional Thai music and the romantic beach-side dinner design, just make this moment so very special and unforgettable.”

Muay Thai Ring: Roped and ready for some high-octane activity? At the Resort’s Bill Bensley-designed ring with a view, guests can try their hand at traditional Thai kick-boxing (Muay Thai) perched high above the hill. “Our in-house expert, Anupong Deesamer (Kru An, as he fondly known), will help you get #fitwithfs, while capturing the very best of Thailand’s culture for you to share with your loved ones,” smiles Hannes.

The Secret Garden Spa: Cocooned in lush tropical greenery, The Secret Garden Spa is tucked blissfully away into the heart of the Resort. Guests can visit this sanctuary of wellness and enjoy an outdoor spa experience like no other. “Don’t forget to capture the moment as our team helps set up your bath with flower petals and home-grown herbs,” he adds.

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